The view from the passengers seat.

With the AC fixed we set out for Sears Point and northern California changing the original plans to avoid the  burning heat of the stopover cities along I10.   We set out at 7 am crossing over parched miles of a landscape that seems to never end on I 10 to Fort Stockton, making the phrase from the 19th century "go to hell or Texas" no idle threat.  

A back road led us through Pecos where oil rigs nodded, reminding us that black gold is in some really hot spots. We headed west through  Artesia, an isolated town in the Sonoran dessert that has an interesting sculpture celebrating drilling and drillers,then for 80 miles climbing up into the Sacramento mountains to Mayhill.  The landscape from Artesia to Mayhill changes from arid scrub to tall trees, scared by forest fires, meadows and a cool swift flowing mountain stream.  The temperature was a cool 89 and the next morning we had to switch on the heat.  It works! Ready to leave.
Now where have all the photos gone and the cable to download from the camera?


  1. Hey Monica, great to hear you're back! Thanks for dropping by my blog with your lovely comment.

    Looking forward to seeing more about your trip.


  2. Monica--I can certainly relate to go to hell or Texas-having been therre not so long ago--however today it could be said about Missouri--so hot and humid today-George asked-was it ever this hot in Texas???


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