Saturday, August 27, 2011

Orange week

This week meant a birthday for me and the opportunity for a couple of friends to go orange, for me.  Sue with this incredible flower arrangement, well really a sculpture that receives no justice from my photography.  I just sit and stare at it as it is so lovely.  happily monster cat has not discovered the vines that trail out.

  Kay came up with a wonderful selection of orange gifts and of course my favorite is the slap watch.  gosh i have such hip friends.

Please note age is not mentioned here as i go into shock every time I hear the figures and have to be revived with Makers Mark resulting in me wondering what happened to the computer screen.

Next year i think it must be an orange food celebration.  This year it was very mundane, steaks, quinoa and grilled veggies as the heat makes cooking a test  by more heat.  The cake was a no bake, made with layers of cream whipped and divided into toffee, espresso and chocolate.  The base was digestive biscuits;  these are what was used in Prince William's famous no bake chocolate wedding cake.  That recipe was considered but it used raw eggs.  

Here is Ian trying it out.  I will have to try and make it look better.

The rest of my week was spent trying to finish a beaded bangle copied from a pattern in Beadwork magazine by an English beader Jean Power.  It worked out pretty good and I learnt a lot.

Then i made a ring using the crystal discarded as the the stripes on the bezel went the wrong way. (you can't see it)  it was my first attempt making a ring.  it fits so well it may never come off.

So now to cleaning up the bead things and trying to work on a journal or maybe dinner.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ella's Dresses

Here is Ella in the dresses I made this year.
This is my favorite.  It is from a Daisy Kingdom dress pattern by Simplicity.  The pattern was created in the 60s. they have started printing them again and you really need to follow the instructions very carefully.  All of this series of patterns requires yards of fabric. The fabric is a tutti fruiti seersucker that is made in Japan. it is really easy care and wonderful to sew on.

The skirt is a fairy fabric and the top is a companion fabric called morning frost.  Searched the internet for the fairy fabric.  the print is  from a children's illustrator popular in the 1920s.  As you can see i am also into making fabric flowers.

Ella is five and very tall and skinny.  She is very pretty. 

this is a dress made from Tutti fruitti fabric but I had a hard time finding a contrast.  It is a fabric that vanishes from the store very quickly.

here is Ella at the fairground in Southend with her brother James. this is a popular seaside resort in England quite close to London. He is a lovely polite sweet little boy. 
James is 9 this year.

the Blogger gremlin is giving me a hard time so I had better go and make the pizza before he discovers the outside world.

Great job with the photos Laura.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quinn Mcdonald class

I purchased the Quinn MacDonald book RAW ART Journaling and signed up for her class on A.R.T.(a yahoo group)  it is turning out to be great fun.  Learning to use the smugmug photo feature was the hardest part but everyone was helpful 

Our first lesson was to create a gremlin that represents all those features that inhibit creating and making.  This was sort of a challenge as my gremlin was always my mother's criticism of everything ventured.  Once she died I was liberated.  Since reading and looking at the gremlins created by the group, a few others have emerged that i had never even considered.
One person mentioned procrastination as passive aggressiveness  .  What an interesting gremlin that will be.

In another exercise we wrote down who we are.   Well i scanned a flat doll i made to represent me some time ago, clothed her and attached her to a label.  The background is the part of the voluminous notes included in prescription drugs.  It is fine paper and is perfect for stamping or coloring. Added a few passing thoughts 

Next is to make a talisman.  As i always considered a belief in magic etc. a way of not being in charge it was exciting to have  Quinn ( )come up with an alternative view of a talisman as a reminder to make your own luck.  So off i go to finish up the assignments for this week.

PS  the book RAW ART Journaling is all about writing in an art journal and it is packed with ideas and exercises that are fun.  It is the first book purchased in a very long time where the author actually wrote the whole book.  My last few purchases were marred by being compilations of articles by  writers mostly of fleeting internet fame.  This book has body and the soul of a real writer.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Sculptor!

There is an artist in all of us! Even the engineer.

Then we forgot his whiskers.  We could not travel with them on!

 naughty bunny!

it was the first time in many years Chris carved out a watermelon.  He used to always make a swan.

The party was pretty crazy and for those of us who are not bi-lingual a lot of gestures and hand signals.  the 'ritas made up for the language difficulties!

Despite the heat the host braved the smoke to prepare yummy fajitas.

Even a young man, Eric home from UT.   lots of sides for the fajitas   

Ian now no longer a cute little boy explains how to operate to Joanne.
Ian is sure a looker!

Friday, August 5, 2011

12 months in the making

The necklace was started last July after weeks of checking, matching rejecting and adding beads. Originally  worked on during the trip north,it was abandoned in September.  Last week after much indecision, trial and error, work started on it again.  The original inspiration were two of the hand blown beads bought from Isis Ray in Tucson, at The Best Bead Show.  
 It was based on a BeadWork pattern, previously made years ago and changed drastically so that the beads from Isis could be used rather than the beaded beads of the pattern.  When I make anything it is usually asymmetric. I had to contact Isis and have her send me another bead.  Good thing I did not want them all to be the same as she is always creating new beads and it was 2 years since that show.

 The ropes are really lime green,  twisted herring bone with yellow and fern green Swarovski crystals dispersed among seed beads.  The idea for putting the beads on a ladder is from the current Bead & Button magazine.   There were no instructions just a photo, so about 5 days of making un-making, many bad words and anguish occurred before it was finally completed to this stage.  It needs lots of tidying up. 

Here is a close-up of the focal beads from Isis. They really are much prettier than my photo.

this is the magnetic closure that i covered with a beaded band.  i think i may make this larger to cover the ends.

Here is the bead end taken with the flash.  This is more like the real color.  (you can even see the cat hair on the newly washed cushion covers that the boys raced onto as soon as they were washed and put back so SWEET,  a personal touch!)

Tonight is pizza night.  So off to make it.  Hope everyone has a nice evening!  Wow its over 100 out there!