12 months in the making

The necklace was started last July after weeks of checking, matching rejecting and adding beads. Originally  worked on during the trip north,it was abandoned in September.  Last week after much indecision, trial and error, work started on it again.  The original inspiration were two of the hand blown beads bought from Isis Ray in Tucson, at The Best Bead Show.  
 It was based on a BeadWork pattern, previously made years ago and changed drastically so that the beads from Isis could be used rather than the beaded beads of the pattern.  When I make anything it is usually asymmetric. I had to contact Isis and have her send me another bead.  Good thing I did not want them all to be the same as she is always creating new beads and it was 2 years since that show.

 The ropes are really lime green,  twisted herring bone with yellow and fern green Swarovski crystals dispersed among seed beads.  The idea for putting the beads on a ladder is from the current Bead & Button magazine.   There were no instructions just a photo, so about 5 days of making un-making, many bad words and anguish occurred before it was finally completed to this stage.  It needs lots of tidying up. 

Here is a close-up of the focal beads from Isis. They really are much prettier than my photo.

this is the magnetic closure that i covered with a beaded band.  i think i may make this larger to cover the ends.

Here is the bead end taken with the flash.  This is more like the real color.  (you can even see the cat hair on the newly washed cushion covers that the boys raced onto as soon as they were washed and put back so SWEET,  a personal touch!)

Tonight is pizza night.  So off to make it.  Hope everyone has a nice evening!  Wow its over 100 out there!


  1. Beautiful Monica00you have great patience and good eyes!!

  2. But a lousy mind Janet just had to make a second pizza as i forgot the yeast in the first one!!!

  3. Art that takes a long time to make is art that gives you the gift of discernment and consideration. I love the bead display--that is very clever! Ahh, cat hair. You will never be rid of it. Just make room for it.

  4. This is gorgeous, Monica! Very, very beautiful!

  5. Another side of Monica that was unseen before (at least by me) Beautiful necklace - original design to display the beads and a really clever clasp cover. Love it. Lori W at Art Camp for Women

  6. Wow, where on earth did you start with that necklace?! I'd have been bug-eyed trying to make that beauty. Well done.

    ps and a house isn't a home unless there's animal hair on your cushions!

  7. Thanks for your kind wishes re knee surgery..
    Mnica your necklace is Gorgeous!!I adore beads!!
    We have a cat too. She drops big lumps of fur when she runs around playing.We can tell her mood by the fur drops!!
    We wouldn't be without the little minx!!

  8. Wow! This is beautiful. I would never have the patience or eye sight to do this. Bravo!


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