Ella's Dresses

Here is Ella in the dresses I made this year.
This is my favorite.  It is from a Daisy Kingdom dress pattern by Simplicity.  The pattern was created in the 60s. they have started printing them again and you really need to follow the instructions very carefully.  All of this series of patterns requires yards of fabric. The fabric is a tutti fruiti seersucker that is made in Japan. it is really easy care and wonderful to sew on.

The skirt is a fairy fabric and the top is a companion fabric called morning frost.  Searched the internet for the fairy fabric.  the print is  from a children's illustrator popular in the 1920s.  As you can see i am also into making fabric flowers.

Ella is five and very tall and skinny.  She is very pretty. 

this is a dress made from Tutti fruitti fabric but I had a hard time finding a contrast.  It is a fabric that vanishes from the store very quickly.

here is Ella at the fairground in Southend with her brother James. this is a popular seaside resort in England quite close to London. He is a lovely polite sweet little boy. 
James is 9 this year.

the Blogger gremlin is giving me a hard time so I had better go and make the pizza before he discovers the outside world.

Great job with the photos Laura.


  1. great frocks!I used to love getting dresses from my gran!

  2. What a darling little girl! She looks like a mini model. And Monica, fabulous job on the dresses. The fabrics are beautiful and the patterns are perfect.

  3. Little Ella is just adorable, and the dresses you made for her are perfect for her!!! She looks so sweet in them. Great job selecting the fabric and making them for her!

  4. What a lucky little girl! She must be the envy of all her friends with all those cute little dresses you've made for her!

  5. Ella is a very pretty young lady indeed! She could be a professional model. I love the way you've coordinated patterns and fabric - fabulous choices. One day I hope to have grandchildren and sew for them as my mom did for my children.

  6. Beautiful children and lovely, lovely dresses - go G-Ma Lori de Froup

  7. Beautiful, beautiful dresses and the model is gorgeous!

  8. Ella is such a beautiful little girl and she looks gorgeous in your lovely lovely lovely dresses. Her big brother is a very handsome young man too (I don't think he'd look as lovely in the dresses as his sister does though!).


  9. Monica, those dresses are just darling. It's so nice to see little girls dressed in something that doesn't have "cutie" or "hot" or "naughty". Ella is one lucky little girl!


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