Orange week

This week meant a birthday for me and the opportunity for a couple of friends to go orange, for me.  Sue with this incredible flower arrangement, well really a sculpture that receives no justice from my photography.  I just sit and stare at it as it is so lovely.  happily monster cat has not discovered the vines that trail out.

  Kay came up with a wonderful selection of orange gifts and of course my favorite is the slap watch.  gosh i have such hip friends.

Please note age is not mentioned here as i go into shock every time I hear the figures and have to be revived with Makers Mark resulting in me wondering what happened to the computer screen.

Next year i think it must be an orange food celebration.  This year it was very mundane, steaks, quinoa and grilled veggies as the heat makes cooking a test  by more heat.  The cake was a no bake, made with layers of cream whipped and divided into toffee, espresso and chocolate.  The base was digestive biscuits;  these are what was used in Prince William's famous no bake chocolate wedding cake.  That recipe was considered but it used raw eggs.  

Here is Ian trying it out.  I will have to try and make it look better.

The rest of my week was spent trying to finish a beaded bangle copied from a pattern in Beadwork magazine by an English beader Jean Power.  It worked out pretty good and I learnt a lot.

Then i made a ring using the crystal discarded as the the stripes on the bezel went the wrong way. (you can't see it)  it was my first attempt making a ring.  it fits so well it may never come off.

So now to cleaning up the bead things and trying to work on a journal or maybe dinner.


  1. Hi Monica, Happy Birthday! I'm Aimeslee from Baytown (HOWDY, neighbor!). I'm a friend of Teri's and found my way here from her blog. Love your journal pages and adventures, am favoriting you and will hopefully return.
    Praying for rain!

    xoxo, Aimeslee

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MONICA! Love all the orange gorgeousness, including the exotic flowers, uber-cool slap watch, and very very clever beading. I can't imagine how hot it must be in your neck of the woods - I'm sitting here in 'sunny' UK wearing a jumper, joggers and thick socks!

    I seem to be stalking you - everywhere you've been I seem to be stepping in your footsteps! Fancy you having worked in Lingfield - small world, eh?!


  3. Happy Birthday Monica!! Love the orange watch and beautiful beading!! Yes, next year orange food for sure!

  4. Monica, happy happy birthday!! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time.

  5. Happy birthday!
    I love your orange week and of course especially the bracelet


  6. Thanks everyone. Welcome Aimslee and Jean.

  7. Thanks Monica for the encouraging comments on my blog.
    HAPPY Orange Birthday!!Your bracelet and ring are GORGEOUS!!!!
    Clever you!!
    Surgery these days is a breeze(sort-of) these days.Aren't we lucky to live in countries where it can be done!!

  8. Happy Birthday Monica! The slap watch is great as is the bracelet and ring. The ring is really stylin'--I love the idea of beaded rings. Have a colorful week!

  9. Oooh, LOVE the orange ring and YOU! I don't know why my post never appeared earlier!

  10. NOW it shows up! That will teach me to click and head out the door without checking.


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