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Yesterday i felt like a comment I made on-line in one of my groups was censored.  So I decided to make a page for a journal.  i gathered all the material and off i went.  

Then I decided it was an excellent way to  to complete some lessons in Raw Art Journaling andto try out my new printer ( an Epson Artisan 725 Arctic Edition). This did not scan as i expected they became one whole image instead of 5 and I do not know how to get the image to come up the right way without going into PSP.

So now I have to go find the manual and see if it can be done from the scan screen.   I was sure there was a way.
Well the gremlins are waking up and making the words jump around the screen.  Chris just called and is on his way home.  I now remember I was going to empty the washer, make some jello and figure out tonight's menu.   that was before I moved this into my studio and decided to do a post.