Yesterday i felt like a comment I made on-line in one of my groups was censored.  So I decided to make a page for a journal.  i gathered all the material and off i went.  

Then I decided it was an excellent way to  to complete some lessons in Raw Art Journaling and to try out my new printer ( an Epson Artisan 725 Arctic Edition). This did not scan as i expected they became one whole image instead of 5 and I do not know how to get the image to come up the right way without going into PSP.

So now I have to go find the manual and see if it can be done from the scan screen.   I was sure there was a way.

Well the gremlins are waking up and making the words jump around the screen.  Chris just called and is on his way home.  I now remember I was going to empty the washer, make some jello and figure out tonight's menu.   that was before I moved this into my studio and decided to do a post. 


  1. Well I don't know how the page was supposed to look, but I think it looks really good!!

  2. I get the idea you wanted to get across from the various images you've displayed. Art is such a great way to express those feelings we get when we are disappointed, upset, happy or even bored. You did a great job showing censorship.

  3. I can't imagine what you said that would need to be censored! Great images for this theme.

    Hope you got all the jobs done!


  4. Evidently they just don't know you, Monica! And as a result, what a great launch pad idea for your expressing your unlimited creativity! xoxoxo

  5. I hope you said something really disgusting - lol - haven't been by here in a while. Happy Orange Day! and I do like your 'page'- Love Lori de Froup Lori W at Art Camp for Women

  6. Isn't this a great way to dig into what you were feeling? You are a true Raw Art Journaler! I had the same trouble on my printer, and I fixed it at the Page View Page, when I check a box called "One view per page" instead of "Four views per page." I have a different brand, though. Oh, and good for you for letting the housework slide! It will always be there.

  7. Isn't that always what happens? I really like your censorship page - sometimes we need to get it out, no?
    Sorry I can't help with the printer issue... I just stopped by from RAJ to say how much I like your gallery over there!


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