busy week

Yesterday, I made chutney after leaving it overnight to blend the flavors, cooked it this morning.  Regrettable I did not give it a good stir and placed it on the burner to bubble up and cook down .  As a result half of it was stuck to the bottom of the pan and despite filling 6 jars I think it is compromised; that means the flavor is of burnt toffee and vinegar.  We shall have to wait for the next episode of "Death by chutney" 

What a busy week. Tuesday was art day with Deanie in Boerne.  She was working on creating crazy quilt squares  from her stash and i played with paper dyed a month earlier. Chris had a colonoscopy on Wednesday and that meant Tuesday was upside down as he could only have liquids and jelly(jello).  Wednesday, I also had laser eye surgery for glaucoma on my left eye, my right eye will be fixed  in 2 weeks. It is the inherited type.  What an incredible procedure.   

For the past 6 weeks my tinnitus has been so loud that I have problems hearing.   It makes life so difficult.  Not that I have let it get in the way of producing art and crafty things.  Working on the November chunky book swap, theme is maps, and several other things that I will post photos of later, a great reveal.  I finished the Royal ring it is meant to be a copy of the Princess Di engagement ring in beads. 

(i seem to spend my life looking for downloaded photos lost in my incredible and forgotten photo organization). 

My week ended on an up beat note, a party with old friends and neighbors.  Good food, incredible whiskey and fine companions what more do I need!


  1. Monica! the ring is fabulous!! Glad the eye surgery was succesful!

  2. Too bad about your chutney. I hate when I do a lot of work and then something like that happens. I hope you'll get a nice surprise and it will turn out well.

  3. Wow! For someone who has had all the things going on in your life recently, you are doing great things. Wish I had your drive. The ring is "Fabulous Darling". Bravo.

  4. I do hope your eyes get better???? as for the tinnitus, poor you that would drive me mad.and I am very happy to hear that I won't be eaten!!

  5. Hi Monica, I am actually going to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I have been to New York before and loved it, also to San Francisco.....next time maybe Chicago!!


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