Ring finished

In the Nov/Dec issue of Beadwork, there is a ring pattern by Nancy Cain. Finding the large focal triangular crystal was a real challenge so the idea of making it was dropped until September of this year when finishing things became an obsession.  Pamela at Bello Modo was a great help not  only does she carry the the crystal she has a great selection of 23mm trivolis.  She then helped me with the choice of beads to make the ring.  Unlike fabric you really have to see the beads to get it right.  It is gorgeous !

  i am really pleased with it but I need more practice.  Tightening the thread is hard as my right hand is not very strong and good at gripping the thread but it is really satisfying to make these little baubles and wear them.   So now to the next one.


  1. What a beautiful ring, Monica. I can't imagine I could ever do something like this.

    Do you think that elastic thread could be used to make an adjustable ring band?

  2. Monica--this will look smashing with all of your clothes!!

  3. thanks Teri and Janet
    Elastic would not work as it is too thick the band is size 11 beads and since they are glass they can cut into the thread and you pass through some of the beads more than one time. You have to make the band big enough to go over your knuckle

  4. Wow, what a stunning ring Monica! Beautiful colour, I bet you get lots of admiring comments.


  5. Monica, I am jealous that your eyes and hands allow you to do this kind of intricate beadwork. I have long since given up on working with seed beads (all sizes). This is a work of art. And of course, it had to be ORANGE!

  6. Wow, Monica! The ring is beautiful! Amber is one of my favorite gems. I am so going to give beading a try...soon, I believe, soon, lol.

  7. Wowee-Zowee! love the ring, love the orange. Make a million of them! Lori de Froup


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