Awful week or two

Over the weekend of October 22 we headed north to Dallas so I could attend the Bead Fest at Arlington Convention Center.  it turns out that the rangers were in the world series so the roads were a night mare.  We learned that this was a baseball game!  The show was lovely but marred by the loss of my canon point and shoot camera.  Once home it was laser eye surgery over a two week period, quick and easy and then I had to do something about the increasing tinnitus and decreasing hearing in my ear. In the affected left ear, the tinnitus was so bad it was drowning out all speech.  iPod ear buds at least allow me to listen to TV but socializing is painful and even ever patient Chris was getting exasperated. I was put on Prednisone to try and cut the inflammation in some area where this all happens although no-one is quite sure where it is happening.  Menieres remains a mystery disease even after 35 years.  At least Serc controls the vertigo and my doctor said that Serc only helps one in nine people.  At least one break.  

Prednisone is both a savior and a terrorist.  Too much and bad things happen.  I switched to taking it in the morning, today, as it causes sleeplessness.  It is a 20 day course now, started with idea of 14 days and he switched when he saw the hearing graph.  It is now going into my right ear.  

Then a neighbor and friend of DH had a stroke.  A really fit guy who exercises and does not over eat.  horrible shock, happily he is improving quickly and will get a stent early next week.

good stuff.   A few weeks ago i mentioned the Day Of the Dead swap.  it is a paper bag book swap.  we make 3 bags into 6 pages and swap 2.  Crazy crafty Anna organized it at Sketchbook project.  She is truly incredible and as well as mother and wife raises goats and make soap from goat milk.  

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS is celebrated in most of the Latin American cultures with Indian populations.  In  the Aztec world death was not thought of as the end but rather the beginning of a life, free from the hardships of earthly life.   once a year the dead return to earth.  the Catholic church messed with the dates so that it coincided with All Saints  and all Souls days.  Alters are set up in homes or in country at the cemetery to welcome the dead home.  Their favorite foods, drinks and interests are proudly displayed on the alter.  

Since I do not have a camera I am relying on the scanner.  This was a fabulous swap and i love everything about it.


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