Chunky Book Swap Music

The October chunky book swap theme was music.  I wanted to create it in paper and have a fold out.  i printed out  a figure of a conductor from something in my files of inspiration.  (It was at this point i decided i really need to spend time, yet again, learning Paint Shop Pro).  i ended up cutting and coloring the figure and scanning it in, then printing it out.

The fold out was painted old sheet music that sucked up the paint.  it folds in to look like a book. the fold out represents the idea that music makes your spirits soar and spread your wings. 
On the reverse side i made a fabric pocket and added the music tag with the information about the swap.

We had to make 11 of these and send them off 10 to Lorena in Hawaii and she sent us one from each participant. 

 This is the front, made before counting my music charms when I went to add them there were not enough for the other 10 cards. 
The November swap is maps.  Somewhere you had to use a map.  I managed to go off on a tangent then later seeing some very inspiring ideas online.  


  1. This is such a lovely idea - music does make take you out of yourself. Very clever how you have depicted this with the fold up/out book.

    You had to make 11??!! Phew, well done!

    ps thank you for your kind words on my blog, they touched my heart.

  2. Music is the universal language. At least that's how my musician friend describes it. 11 of the same is always a challenge, but after the first, they all become an assembly line. Love what you have made.

    You are so kind to visit my blog. I look forward to your next post, too (with maps).

  3. Monica-I love that fold out that you did on our music pages!

  4. Monica, your pages were truly inspired. I absolutely adored them - thank you so much. I find I have a very hard time getting inspired about a particular theme. I end up feeling swamped and am not sure where to begin, and I think it all takes me longer than it should because of it.

  5. Hi Monica, I simply covered the barney's catalog and adhered photos and papers and bits to it. You can see the process here:


  6. Hi Monica, just stopping by to answer your question. Class projects do not have to be in white and I send out a suggested supply list as people register for the class but generally most people seem to have most of the things they need, I hope this helps but if you need to know anything else then please get in touch, Karen

  7. I stopped back by to wish you a very belated happy Thanksgiving.


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