My gorgeous Day Of the Dead Book

After i posted yesterday my friend Liz in Chicago sent this photo taken in "Tlaxcala during Day of the Dead and the whole town square was full of spectacular ofrendas."  So here is a real one!

yesterday i showed a glimpse of my book made in the paper bag swap.  here goes

This is pages 2 and 3.  I made page 2 and Janet page 2 and one side of her inset sticking out.  this goes in the bag opening

Page 4 is janet, don't you love that tortilla maker.  page 5 is the outside of Arlene's bag
 Arlene pages 6 and 7 she did not glue down the bag flap completely so it forms a pocket and has a label pushed in it.  great way to make it and i love hidden compartments and pockets.  The texture of page7 is enhanced with dyed cheese cloth and to the right is a glimpse of her inset into the open bag side.

here is one side of Arlene's insert card.  love those images

Now here is where the scanner was supposed to separate these two but it did not.  the left is side one from Arlene and the right is side one from Janet on page 3.

this is the other side of Janet's insert.  it really is lovely 

here is page 8 Arlene and page 9 Janet.  this is where scanning is a pain as it was too long for the scanner bed and I could not pull the tab  with heart back where Janet placed a pocket and image under the tab and I cut off the last image.   So have to look for a camera.

below is Janet page 10 and my page 11.  I made an ofrendas (Sp?) to honor my mother who died this year.  the food offerings are more like an English feast with a ham, lots of pastries and champagne.  The yellow scrunched paper at the top represents the flower garlands and lots of candles to light her way to us.  And what sort of celebration could we have without the sugar sculls.  Very surprised that there were none available in San Antonio.   It goes so well with Janet's dancing couple.

And finally my insert.  

It really is a beautiful celebration of the hereafter.  


  1. What a delightful, colorful book you have!! I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's artwork. I'll have to photograph and post mine.

  2. Thanks for sharing all your pages monica--I've been to lazy to photograph all of mine--better get busy!!

  3. I visited your blog after you left a comment on mine. This is truly a lovely book. You make excellent art, and that book will be a great keepsake.

    I made my own "sugar skulls" one year by taking a skull button and turning it into a mold for polymer clay.

    You asked about the dress I made in my previous post on my blog. It gets very stiff when dry and can be shaped while still wet. The piece I just made was a tip-in, but the previous one I showed was a wall hanging. It was over 14 inches tall.

    You asked why your cat was on my blog. Tell you what! Some days I would give Bleubeard to you. Others, not so much (grin). Thanks again for stopping by. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

  4. Love your day of the dead book, so fun and colorful
    Hugs Lynn


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