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MAPS Chunky Book-2

Here is book 2, Maps, in the Chunky book swap with the sketchbookproject Yahoo group.  The first was in October and that was Music.  Uncertain what to do i found the ditty from the song "over the river and through the woods" doing a number in my head.   So I sketched it out not once but twice,  
  over the hills
And through the woods
To family, friends and home
By the time i had completed the first set i was having so much fun and so created set 2, just a little different

Across the river
And through the woods

to our happy hideaway   then I reduced the drawing in PSP and reproduced them, (apologies to Lydia Maria Child,  i think it is in iambic pentameter which is why it can hook into the brain) . My words were written out on scraps, then words and pictures were glued to a fold-out book; apainted strip of Tyvek  was glued to the cover and called The Journey.  the background was a map from Taos NM on the reverse side parts of the USA were glued down( the base was a beer mat).   The t…

A coat for Ella

Here is the fur coat i made for Ella.  I mailed it today.   Lets hope it fits and is fun to wear.

It is Simplicity 3940. it is a swing coat. The pattern did not call for a lining.  it really needed it as the backing of the fur is a knit, not pretty and possibly scratchy.   Neither is it thick. I lined it with silk dupioni that was in my stash.  The inside is really a bronze color and because there was not enough for sleeves they are burgundy.  The burgundy was a far superior silk but in the sleeves it will not be seen. the coat is a faux fur velour.  The pressure on the pressure foot had to be reduced and the stitch length increased.  This was discovered when the armhole and sleeve would not fit.  otherwise it was very easy to make.  i spent about 10 days making it.  the buttons are square and are really ornamental as the coat is snapped shut.  The buttons have hanging thread as we thought they looked like cat whiskers and after all it is cheetah skin!

This is one of the first images ta…