A coat for Ella

Here is the fur coat i made for Ella.  I mailed it today.   Lets hope it fits and is fun to wear.

It is Simplicity 3940. it is a swing coat. The pattern did not call for a lining.  it really needed it as the backing of the fur is a knit, not pretty and possibly scratchy.   Neither is it thick. I lined it with silk dupioni that was in my stash.  The inside is really a bronze color and because there was not enough for sleeves they are burgundy.  The burgundy was a far superior silk but in the sleeves it will not be seen. the coat is a faux fur velour.  The pressure on the pressure foot had to be reduced and the stitch length increased.  This was discovered when the armhole and sleeve would not fit.  otherwise it was very easy to make.  i spent about 10 days making it.  the buttons are square and are really ornamental as the coat is snapped shut.  The buttons have hanging thread as we thought they looked like cat whiskers and after all it is cheetah skin!

This is one of the first images taken with my new Canon Elph 310 camera.  It does just about everything except improve my photography.  This coat had a nice texture.


  1. Sooooooo adorable, Monica!! I want one! That Ella is one lucky and very well-dressed gal!!

  2. Veery cute Monica-She will be so stylish! and I'm sure she will love it!

  3. This is tres chic, Monica. I love the fabric, both inside and out, and swing coats are my absolute favorite. They compliment slacks as well as dresses. What a great gift.

  4. Wow. I can't imagine making something like that. It is beautiful with the lining and all.
    Lucky girl.

  5. I do love your posts, Monica, and your style of writing! Your last paragraph, in particular, made me laugh!!

    This little coat is adorable and will look so cute on lucky Ella.


  6. It's so cute! Love the fabric. I hope your gd will model it and send you pictures. She's going to love it, being swingy and all, lol

  7. A hearty round of applause for you!

  8. this looks gorgeous...I so envy those of you with dress making skills....

  9. Monica, this jacket is Wonderfully Wild!!!


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