MAPS Chunky Book-2

Here is book 2, Maps, in the Chunky book swap with the sketchbookproject Yahoo group.  The first was in October and that was Music.  Uncertain what to do i found the ditty from the song "over the river and through the woods" doing a number in my head.   So I sketched it out not once but twice,  
  over the hills

And through the woods

To family, friends and home

By the time i had completed the first set i was having so much fun and so created set 2, just a little different

Across the river
And through the woods

to our happy hideaway
  then I reduced the drawing in PSP and reproduced them, (apologies to Lydia Maria Child,  i think it is in iambic pentameter which is why it can hook into the brain) . My words were written out on scraps, then words and pictures were glued to a fold-out book; a painted strip of Tyvek  was glued to the cover and called The Journey.  the background was a map from Taos NM on the reverse side parts of the USA were glued down( the base was a beer mat).   The title is not printed on my book shown below, have to find the wite pen!

It was so much fun to make and makes me smile.  There were 11 people in this swap and I had to make 11.  The lesson learned is I need to get a Die cutter if there are to be this many participants or my hand will drop off.   This is by far the best swap i have participated in because we have to make them almost the same.  Lorena, the moderator, doe not need to decide who gets what, we get one of each and everyone is quite spectacular.

The next theme is celestial  currently mind is a blank. 


  1. Your pages were so fabulous Monica--so much work put into them!!

  2. I really appreciate that you did these sketches yourself, Monica. While the die cuts I've often received are quite lovely, there really is nothing like a hand-drawn sketch, is there?

    The week before Thanksgiving I looked up that song to see the origin. Apparently the words originally were to "Grandfather's" house we go. And the house was up in New England. It's still there today, but the original 1800's farmhouse has been added to several times. I love the memory of learning that song when I was in elementary school. Goodness, I've written a book here...

  3. Oh yes, I like these pages - and the commentary that went with them!!

    Producing 11 of those detailed pages must have taken ages.

    Love the cover too.


  4. So fun and heartwarming. Love the changes too.

  5. Now I know why I don't do crafts and art, it seems very hard work. However I love your beautifully coloured drawings, and it must have given you great pleasure to draw them, perhaps there is something in it after all.

  6. These are adorable pages, Monica. I love them. I'm like your moderator. If I'm hosting a swap, I want everything the same or as similar as possible. That way no one feels slighted or extra special. I agree that a die cutting machine is so helpful. But of course, if you buy one, you have to buy the dies, and the plates, and the embossers, and the . . . . . I guess you get the picture. I sure did !!

  7. Love your description of the swap! And your little stories are fabulous!
    The celestial has by far been the hardest concept so far for me. Mine are just now getting finished up!


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