Sunday, October 16, 2011

busy week

Yesterday, I made chutney after leaving it overnight to blend the flavors, cooked it this morning.  Regrettable I did not give it a good stir and placed it on the burner to bubble up and cook down .  As a result half of it was stuck to the bottom of the pan and despite filling 6 jars I think it is compromised; that means the flavor is of burnt toffee and vinegar.  We shall have to wait for the next episode of "Death by chutney" 

What a busy week. Tuesday was art day with Deanie in Boerne.  She was working on creating crazy quilt squares  from her stash and i played with paper dyed a month earlier. Chris had a colonoscopy on Wednesday and that meant Tuesday was upside down as he could only have liquids and jelly(jello).  Wednesday, I also had laser eye surgery for glaucoma on my left eye, my right eye will be fixed  in 2 weeks. It is the inherited type.  What an incredible procedure.   

For the past 6 weeks my tinnitus has been so loud that I have problems hearing.   It makes life so difficult.  Not that I have let it get in the way of producing art and crafty things.  Working on the November chunky book swap, theme is maps, and several other things that I will post photos of later, a great reveal.  I finished the Royal ring it is meant to be a copy of the Princess Di engagement ring in beads. 

(i seem to spend my life looking for downloaded photos lost in my incredible and forgotten photo organization). 

My week ended on an up beat note, a party with old friends and neighbors.  Good food, incredible whiskey and fine companions what more do I need!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ring finished

In the Nov/Dec issue of Beadwork, there is a ring pattern by Nancy Cain. Finding the large focal triangular crystal was a real challenge so the idea of making it was dropped until September of this year when finishing things became an obsession.  Pamela at Bello Modo was a great help not  only does she carry the the crystal she has a great selection of 23mm trivolis.  She then helped me with the choice of beads to make the ring.  Unlike fabric you really have to see the beads to get it right.  It is gorgeous !

  i am really pleased with it but I need more practice.  Tightening the thread is hard as my right hand is not very strong and good at gripping the thread but it is really satisfying to make these little baubles and wear them.   So now to the next one.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where does the day go?

It seems to have been a very busy week or two or three.  It is the time for the semi annual medical and since everyone specializes it feels like doctors take over life. it really is not that bad.  The time eater is the world of online.   

Two weeks ago the swap bug hit and I joined two swaps and decided to make a set of birthday cards.  The latter proved to be a gluey mess.  After this battle I switched to the  Day of the Dead swap.  Research is one of my favorite activities for a swap and the internet is brimming with wonderful photos and information of this Hispanic festival.  it is far more complex and interesting than Halloween. My friend Kay mailed me photos of their collection of dancing skeletons and  Mexican folk art.    This was a paper-bag swap.  Amazing how you can turn three paper-bags into an album. I will post it all later when it is mailed out. Next it was to work on the chunky book swap.  Since this swap has 11 participants it required a more organized approach.  The theme is music and my image collect yielded some excellent ideas.  Unfortunately I have once again forgotten how to use Paint Shop Pro so had to work in print master.  But it is working out quite well.

 This is my work table.  I am one of those people who requires everything to be on the work surface and the thought of putting anything away fills me with horror.

Despite this frenzy of cutting stamping, painting, sewing, gluing, redoing, a calamity with a bottle of glue, water sprays and a Pearl X'd cat all is on time and almost complete.  Also found time for lots for cooking as the weather has cooled off and squeezed out about 3/4inch of rain.

This is a summer pudding made with stale bread, and cooked plums with a splash of Cassis. It has to be weighed down for a few hours.  It was very good.  Always forget to photo food as we are always ready to eat and have had a glass or two of wine.