Huichol yarn painting.

I am cleaning out my studio and originally thought about  donating my Huichol  yarn painting to a thrift. We had it wrapped up since we moved due to the damage. Now we have it out, we want to try to see if there is anyone who can repair it.  We bought it in Mexico in the 70s. It was made by an inmate at a prison, in Guadalajara 

The damage is in the lower left and at various spots throughout.  The wall where it was displayed at our home in Sugar Land was west facing and we think the sun melted the wax.  If you are not familiar with this kind of art it is made by the Huichol who use wax to adhere the fabric to the wood backing.  The figures are mystical images that appear in a religious ceremony when they take peyote.  

   it really is fantastic and has not lost any of the color.

here is a close up of tha damage spot and it shows a little of how it is made.

There are a few men who make them in Santa Fe.  maybe we better plan a trip there.


  1. Oh it's fabulous Monica--I hope you can get it repaired!!

  2. This is absolutely stunning, I LOVE it. What a shame it is so damaged. I think you are wise to seek someone skilled at this form of art to repair it (do I hear another road trip being planned?!).

    Good luck !


  3. Is the damage noticeable from a distance. I'm thinking that it might add character and history to the item. Sometimes repairs lower the value. Absolutely get somebody who knows how to do this to do the work but I wonder if it is really necessary.

  4. Monica, that is just beautiful. I sure hope you can fix it. I had never seen one of these, so it was wonderful of you to post pictures. Thank you!

  5. Beauty, beauty, beauty - I've seen these uh paintings in New Mexico and have always wanted one. Hang on to it and enjoy it until it disintegrates thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. that's kind of a cool picture! I hope you can find someone to repair it.

  7. It's absolutely lovely. There was an artist making these at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico. I'm not sure if I can contact him, but if I can I'll let you know.

  8. Hi Monica, thankyou for your comment on my blog. I know, I can only wear nice shoes in my dreams now.Guess it comes to most of us. Do you remember the Queen Mother in her heels at 90 plus years of age!!!

  9. If you put the picture under a light the heat from the bulb will soften the wax so that the yarn can be pushed back in place.

  10. hi,
    i have restored many of my yarn paintings. Feel free to contact me at with your pics of the damage and your phone number so we can chat. linda

  11. I also have tow of these yarn paintings, which, although not as elaborate as Monica's, have great personal significance to me. They also have places where the yarn is come unstuck. I'd love to hear whether you had luck repairing yours. Thanks!



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