The Parsley Gals

Over the last four week i have participated in the Strathmore workshop 1, run by Traci Bautista.  It has video tutorials and a print out.   The latter is rather pathetic and minimal.  The video is packed with information but since i have now had to add videos to my "challenged" list, it has been quite an ordeal.  Being video challenged means you have to watch it many time and start and stop it to try and assimilate what is going on9 Also called OLD).  The first lesson was really fun and involved lots of paint spraying.  Eventually this technique was mastered.  The second class was beyond my grasp, not so much the techniques but it was just different materials and no discernible special outcome.  Class 3 was the background for making her glam girl, a one eyed green goddess, her graffiti style.  Class 4 was the "glam girl"  great fun.  Since they were painted in green they were sort of ethereal or other world or just plain cookie.   All i could think of was an age old superstition that if you eat too many carrots you turn orange;  in this case, too much parsley .  

So Now for your great pleasure;    I PRESENT 


"Am i pissed off"

You Said what!

Kiss me quick

"help i am being attacked by vegetation"
I cannot recall ever doing faces except for dolls and i sure have never painted a picture before.  this is perhaps the first and last!   So here you have it, stylized green goddesses.


  1. Well! I think you have mastered it! These look simply divine! You are inspiring me to get busy and make one for myself. Love, Love, Love them!

  2. These look like they were lots of fun to make!...bea

  3. Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard at your description. I applaud you for getting through those videos and etc. and coming up with such a wonderful result. I didn't get as much from them as you.

  4. Hehe. I love them! They turned out great! And the backgrounds are very pretty too. Entertaining post overall. How much wine have you had? LOL.

  5. These have turned out great, Monica! For all your concern and complaints, you have turned out some masterpieces!

  6. These are great Monica! Looks like you had fun.


  7. Monica...your portraits are delightful as is your commentary. I did he first two videos, but not the last two. Shall I go ahead with the last two? Your fun ladies say yes yes yes~

  8. But don't they need noses? I'm not quite done with mine, but yours are truly admirable...Lori de Froup

  9. GORGEOUS Goddesses! I love love love their vibrant colours and saucy look. Maybe your cross goddesses should get together with my inner (monster) goddess!


  10. You make me laugh so much - not passed this way before but I must add you to my list. I don't think I've ever read any posts that make me smile so much. You left a comment on my blog last month but I couldn't do likewise as I was unabel to comment on most blogs - blogger must have ironed out another little problem 'cos I haven't done anything different.
    Anyway, your pieces are fantastic, lovely and brigth; you shouldn't give up on the faces :-)
    Anne xx

  11. These look fab Monica, you must do more!

  12. Cool! I like how you can only "see" one eye!


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