A Visit to Florida

I would love to be able to post my blog on road as we travel but the WiFi connections were abysmal on this trip and I was only able to read email about 3 times. leaving on Sunday December 18 and heading to Dauphin Island Alabama rain was our companion.  The best laid plans were thwarted before we reached the island when the lady at the Welcome center told us the ferry to Ft Morgan was not running but it might be fixed by Tuesday.  It just so happens a pleasure craft sunk at the ferry landing dock and the owner refused to pay $5,000 to raise it. 
The bridge to Dauphin island a sand bar off the Alabama coast.  it was cold and wet.

the old Fort built to repel the British and used in the civil war.  

 So we headed back on Tuesday along the coast road to our favorite spot Henderson beach a FL State park, a stretch of pristine beach along the northern gulf shore know as the Emerald Sea. The sand is white here and the colors of the ocean, emerald green shading to pale blue where it meets the ocean

We managed a walk along the beach in the evening of arrival and the morning of departure as the rain raced to join us.  we were headed to another park on St Joes island a sandy peninsular that we could not see as it was hidden in the fog.  So we headed south for the west coast and Ft Myers as the forecast predicted sunshine and 80 degrees.

So to palms and warmth where patches of the everglade seek to survive human takeover.
  the beach close to Ft Myers

the sand here is not really white but very fine.
 We crossed onto an island that had obviously been inhabited for a very long time as the vegetation had grown up round the tantalizing mansions.  They always look better when you catch glimpses behind walls and gardens. The draw bridge  raised to let the yachts sail through.

this is the fishing pier at the Edison winter retreat.  he was trying to find an alternate source of rubber so the plants here were spectacular.   

Chris takes on Edison at his Ft Myers retreat!  A charming unpretentious house.

The reason we went to Fl was to visit Sandra.  We met when we were 2 years old, in Warrington, UK and remain friends.  She has lived here for many years.  She is a true sun worshipper

  Ft Lauderdale

Alana, Sandra's 8 year old  GD who taught herself to play the recorder from on-line videos and pdf file.

Daughter Dawn helps Sandra prepare Christmas eve dinner

Ft Lauderdale around 4pm.

it was lovely to visit with Sandra. 

 I left home with a scratchy throat that turned into bronchitis.  A visit to a doctor and pills have relieved it and i feel great. (There was a 2 hour wait to see the doctor, in a VERY cold clinic and Sandra had the waiting room smiling as she made comments about questions on the many forms i had to fill out)

 We arrived home Friday and spent NYE at home with a bottle of Navarro champagne,then cooked a steak dinner washed down with a D'Argenzio 2006 pinot and round off with TooGood port and pecan pie.  The latter libation and sweet delight was washed from my memory but we had fun.

Wishing for all of you, a year that brings good health, laughter and friendships that enrich your life and make everyday a new adventure.


  1. I love the Edison and Ford retreats down in Ft. Myers. Wonderful photos - looks like you had a great time.

  2. Wow, what a trip! Lovely that you've stayed in touch with your friend since meeting at the age of 2 in the UK!

    I could do with a trip to Ft Myers right now - sand and sunshine sounds just perfect.

    I hope you're feeing better now.


  3. Monica I loved going on your trip with you before breakfast today. Just got invited to Florida but not until March. Your pictures are wonderful and you look really good - not sick at all lol. I think I'll go have steak and wine for breakfast-it's Saturday afterall, maybe I'll do today backwards...Lori de Froup


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