sewing something for the cat

This was to be a quick and easy(Q&E)  project.  Then i consulted my friend Deanie, who is always making simple home dec items to which she attaches her absolutely fabulous embroidered images. Easy was replaced with piecing.   It is a chair cover for cat 1, Spunky, who has just decided that he no longer wants to sit in the specific chair that this is being made for.  After some misunderstanding of Deanie's fast and easy method of gluing down the pieces and sewing them onto a piece of muslin i resorted to fusing.  By now the Q&E were long gone.  The glue residue became a problem and caused the needle to jump, and the air to be filled with naughty words. Here it is laid out before fusing.

    I should add that this is also to use up my stash of fabric and make more room for all kinds of projects and mixed media.  In the course of reorganizing fabric I have discovered many historic pieces.  mostly from the era where i tried to use  the more muted and dull fabrics. (The dominant thought on viewing these is to have questions of my sanity, they are really quite awful) These seem to be the content of my stash as the orange was replenished as were the other brights over the past year.  The cat stash, too cute to cut up is a very large box and the rest of it is scheduled for a couch cover,  Tripper the other cat's, chair.   


  1. Monica-that cat fabric is really cute!! And of course Spunky has decided he doesn't like that chair--cat's always know what you are up to!!

  2. Fun fabric. Good luck with the Catitude.

  3. Well it's nice to know that there's someone else who fights with their own projects! It's funny to look back at stuff you bought ages ago - I did that only the other day and couldn't help but wonder, "What was I thinking? Who was that person?!" Still can't get rid of it though, you never know when it might come in handy!

    Spunky sounds like one cool cat :o)


  4. Another hilarious post Monica ;-)
    Why don't you try overprinting some of the fabrics with fabric paints.
    Anne xx

  5. I'm totally with you about fusing versus glue. It's a nightmare when that needle gets gummed up. Love the kitty fabric!!

  6. My Q & E goes exactly like yours. Sometimes it is just the thing to get me back to work at my least I don't expect Q&E there. LOL


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