Wednesday, March 21, 2012


More of the same!  Not quite! it is just about all my Tim Holtz supplies and a few Ranger products, for, as detailed in my previous post, i am taking Tim's very first online class.  Class is the best online class ever.  At last someone who is teaching me an art technique and not wresting me from the angst of "am i an artist" or "how to find my inner self".  It must be the  male influence, or perhaps because he can blend art and sales without apologizing and loves what he does.   Whatever; it is wonderful and every minute is packed with tips and techniques and oh so much. 

So here is my work space today, starting with a suspicious look from Spunky. 

Here looking across to my computer is the desk area.  The  table was built by DH for cutting fabric,( sewing time is diminishing). Under the table are storage drawers.  There is also storage under the window seat, covered with an orange curtain. 

Tim Holtz Creative chemistry

Tim Holtz class, "Creative Chemistry 101" started on March 19 and runs for two weeks.  It is by far the best produced class i have ever taken and so professional.  The videos are  packed with information, an old duffer like me, has to watch them over and over to get it to soak in.  Each class has .pdf file with enough information on the techniques and a label to stick on the back of each tag made with the instructions on how to make it.  The techniques started with class two. Tim uses tags, once referred to as luggage tags for much of his art work demonstrations one might easily call him the tag king.  
His .pdf included a printable labels with the instructions for the back of each tag

here is my first attempt at Blended Distress/ spritz and flick  Hoorah i know How to use his Distress inks

this is his wrinkle free technique with his Distress inks
 And this is Brushless Watercolor.  In an introduction to the class he told how these inks came about, very impressive.
Day three techniques were quite new to me and involved using Ranger Alcohol Inks, a product i have never known how to use.  The secret is glossy paper, not just any old glossy paper it must be clay coated, and there is a knack to applying it.

this is the glossy paper samples.  it is such a fun technique the tag on the right was not glossy.  i also only have a few stamps as that is something I was not into.(Note past tense). 

I do not have Ranger Archival inks or the metallic so i used StazOn and a rub on paint long forgotten in my stash.

Since Tim and Ranger, the company he represents, have a gizzilion products I expected that I would not be able to do everything.  Thanks to the class discussions some people have come up with alternatives  although at some date Ranger products will enter my inventory. Tim is a very pleasant man, despite the awe he inspires in all his followers, but an artist and salesman who does not indulge in pop psychology as most teaches seem to in the world of art for stay home Mum( and retirees). 

My crowning achievement so far is the folder to hold my notes and samples as it will take me all year to work on this. 

Oh dear another standing on  head moment 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My first time to post with this group "What's On Your Worktop Wednesday"  (WOYWW).  The answer___ a mess      i have spent the last few days trying to create backgrounds etc for cards using my new collection of Distress Inks.  Unfortunately it is I who am Distressed.  Like all Ranger inspired projects using their products I never seem to have the right one.  To have the one someone is demonstrating requires a lottery win.  They have not just pigment &  dye but alcohol dyes, pigment this, that and the other, but variations of these that come in pads, reinkers sprays, washes and who knows what else.  

After this week of fruitless activity it occurs to me that I cannot nor ever will get the hang of traditional card-making as I lack the "neat" gene.  Then today  low and behold Anne Gaal, a real card maker,  comes up with a post that for me is inspirational; "Organizing Hidden Potential".  In my case the key word is hidden as in buried.  So I will read her blog much more carefully and aim for a less Ranger incited day of frustration.  Oh and in a moment of absolute brain fog i signed up for King Tim's class starting later this week where the class supply list has several more bank busting supplies i do not have.


For those not indulging in paint and messing,  King Tim is, Tim Holtz, the reigning guru of the pad and stamp world and who along with Ranger Products will set any and all economies back on their feet.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Another month and my Chunky Book on the circus theme arrived.  Although many images danced in my brain it was not a favorite theme as my memory of the only circus visited, as a child, was not a happy one and most of that memory is buried deep in a locked box in my brain. 

Here is what i made, cutting out and altering the circus wagon image and adding the lions along with some gelly roll glaze from Sakura pens.  background is fabric.  Somewhere in the making of this i was disturbed by a series of articles about maltreatment of Bolivian circus lions  and almost could not make it.  I really felt the chunky book not the place for a protest.

This is the back with the pocket i made from an image in my stash.   Surprising what you find when you clean up. The inserted card is about a human cannonball.  In my previous post I reported on a fall in the bathroom.  I reported to the Chunky group that i felt like i was fired out of a cannonball.

Lorena,  who runs the swap was inspired, here is her magnificent chunky page!!!!!  She used a photo from my blog of me and altered it to fit this image.

(it refuses to be centered!)

This months theme is black and white and is winging it's way to Hawaii.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

here I am

My last post was written the day before my visit to the ER at 8.40 am on a wet and dreary Tuesday after a night of the worst headache ever experienced.  Since headaches are not my norm I was somewhat apprehensive that life was catching up and the bouncing off the bathroom vanity on the bridge of my nose, then side of head and finally back of head on 2/10 was catching up with me.  The stiff neck was making everything worse.  The ER was brimming with activity, mostly people with a stomach virus and no insurance.  After hours of testing I was admitted to hospital while they ruled out viral meningitis.  

Mary Helen visiting me.  I am the one in the bed!

24 hours later the diagnosis was post traumatic concussion.  I was homeward bound and rest was ordered.  Rest is not something accomplished with relish as it feels stupid doing nothing and watching TV is likely to hasten the arrival of dementia. Reading was out as my glasses hurt the bridge of my nose, though their imprint was fading.  Everything heals although not as fast as you expect. I was told to lay off exercising and let my brain settle down, the headache was probably the brain shifting back to its pre-bump condition.   My interpretation of the doctor's diagnosis.  Have to say our little local hospital, Syd Petersen Memorial is wonderful.  The night nurse Tommie was fun efficient and so pleasant.  Even the charge  nurse was friendly.  The day nurse was a real RN and just lovely and so knowledgeable and positive,; Julie managed to tell me all about the pills prescribed and allay my fear that i was not going to be addicted as they contained very little poppy juice. Dracula actually visited at 4am.  honest they needed another blood sample. This is a hospital that as much as you want to get out and go home you feel like a pampered guest. Getting in and out of the hospital takes hours.  In a paperless world one expects everything to speed up.  it's not.