Another month and my Chunky Book on the circus theme arrived.  Although many images danced in my brain it was not a favorite theme as my memory of the only circus visited, as a child, was not a happy one and most of that memory is buried deep in a locked box in my brain. 

Here is what i made, cutting out and altering the circus wagon image and adding the lions along with some gelly roll glaze from Sakura pens.  background is fabric.  Somewhere in the making of this i was disturbed by a series of articles about maltreatment of Bolivian circus lions  and almost could not make it.  I really felt the chunky book not the place for a protest.

This is the back with the pocket i made from an image in my stash.   Surprising what you find when you clean up. The inserted card is about a human cannonball.  In my previous post I reported on a fall in the bathroom.  I reported to the Chunky group that i felt like i was fired out of a cannonball.

Lorena,  who runs the swap was inspired, here is her magnificent chunky page!!!!!  She used a photo from my blog of me and altered it to fit this image.

(it refuses to be centered!)

This months theme is black and white and is winging it's way to Hawaii.  


  1. Hello Monica, welcome to WOYWW! Am sure your chunky book page will be received with delight, after all, we all suspend reality a little when we create, huH! Read your previous post - hope you've rested up adequately!


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