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Tim Holtz class, "Creative Chemistry 101" started on March 19 and runs for two weeks.  It is by far the best produced class i have ever taken and so professional.  The videos are  packed with information, an old duffer like me, has to watch them over and over to get it to soak in.  Each class has .pdf file with enough information on the techniques and a label to stick on the back of each tag made with the instructions on how to make it.  The techniques started with class two. Tim uses tags, once referred to as luggage tags for much of his art work demonstrations one might easily call him the tag king.  
His .pdf included a printable labels with the instructions for the back of each tag

here is my first attempt at Blended Distress/ spritz and flick  Hoorah i know How to use his Distress inks

this is his wrinkle free technique with his Distress inks
 And this is Brushless Watercolor.  In an introduction to the class he told how these inks came about, very impressive.
Day three techniques were quite new to me and involved using Ranger Alcohol Inks, a product i have never known how to use.  The secret is glossy paper, not just any old glossy paper it must be clay coated, and there is a knack to applying it.

this is the glossy paper samples.  it is such a fun technique the tag on the right was not glossy.  i also only have a few stamps as that is something I was not into.(Note past tense). 

I do not have Ranger Archival inks or the metallic so i used StazOn and a rub on paint long forgotten in my stash.

Since Tim and Ranger, the company he represents, have a gizzilion products I expected that I would not be able to do everything.  Thanks to the class discussions some people have come up with alternatives  although at some date Ranger products will enter my inventory. Tim is a very pleasant man, despite the awe he inspires in all his followers, but an artist and salesman who does not indulge in pop psychology as most teaches seem to in the world of art for stay home Mum( and retirees). 

My crowning achievement so far is the folder to hold my notes and samples as it will take me all year to work on this. 

Oh dear another standing on  head moment 


  1. I'm really enjoying seeing what you are doing with these tags, Monica. I, too, don't know what to do with the alcohol ink.

  2. Very pretty tags. Love the colors, and you did a wonderful job on using substitutes. I didn't notice that at all!

  3. Monica-these all look wonderful--so glad you are enjoying the class--have you bought a gazillion supplies for it?

  4. Looks like you are having some good fun! I'm loving the class too...and still learning something new every day.


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