More of the same!  Not quite! it is just about all my Tim Holtz supplies and a few Ranger products, for, as detailed in my previous post, i am taking Tim's very first online class.  Class is the best online class ever.  At last someone who is teaching me an art technique and not wresting me from the angst of "am i an artist" or "how to find my inner self".  It must be the  male influence, or perhaps because he can blend art and sales without apologizing and loves what he does.   Whatever; it is wonderful and every minute is packed with tips and techniques and oh so much. 

So here is my work space today, starting with a suspicious look from Spunky. 

Here looking across to my computer is the desk area.  The  table was built by DH for cutting fabric,( sewing time is diminishing). Under the table are storage drawers.  There is also storage under the window seat, covered with an orange curtain. 


  1. Just catching up - this post and the last have really got me interested in Tim's class. You are clearly very impressed. When I thought I'd won a place on the class, and then realised that I hadn't (the highs and lows of life) the hubster said I should book it up anyway (anything to stop the sobbing!). I, of course, saidf, "No no, of course not." I'm now getting closer to clicking that button (and I'll blame you!).

    Love the chaos and Spunky :o)


  2. What a fabulous art room. I am sorry I missed your first WOYWW. You would not believe how much trouble I'm having with Blogger.

    In fact, I've had to return twice today. You are SO lucky to be able to take Tim's class. It would be fun to take a class from someone one of these days. I agree there is too much angst in most of the classes I have seen on the internet. I don't believe in that. I think people come to learn ART, not about their inner selves. Way to go.

  3. Hi Monica!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck with tackling your Distress stains - I think your colors will look good togheter.

    Love your cat by the way - I have got one that looks very much alike her :)


  4. Thanks for sharing - your cat is gorgeous too!!



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