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A week ago I attended a class at Stamp Antonio to improve my skills in tag making, using Ranger products and further my new knowledge from the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101. 

these women were pros at tag classes! 

These classes are fast paced for me and my efforts are generally awful and require several more weeks of practice.  A rather impossible task as anything involving Ranger involves a gazillion products not in my studio.  This time 2 were completed, just like the teacher's, a  miracle, as copying is not something i am good at.  Copying  involves attention to detail and my head is always thinking of how I will do it. No career for me as a forger in sight!   

Here is the first one.  We used distress ink on an embossed tag, the top bit is a torn piece of paper stamped the covered with crackle paint applied and heated.  in my case over heated.   
the large dangle was another Tim Holtz embellishment and i added the coins that were soaked in alcohol ink.  Also changed the ribbon.…


With all the computer frustrations yesterday I wrote this post in Open Office and then had to get on phone with the server to figure out why the password gadget would not accept anything. By the time that was resolved  a glass of wine on the deck was called for.  No more computer time on Tuesday.

Today was sunny and wonderful and I was off to an early start when the scanner denied the existence of the computer and the computer retaliated. After much a do with Epson and Windows I hit the scan button and it worked so E and W were left to fight it out and I can now create today's WOYWW blog.
So today my workspace is a real mess as I had to change out what I planned to make yesterday as it involved downloading etc.  Strange how when that happens you feel totally lost despite  all the To Do lists and notes every where and deadline approaching.

 I sewed up tulle circles for wine glass covers as the fruit flies like our wine as much as we do.  They need beads attached requiring that I think…

A day from hell

The modem went kaput today and we have spent 10 hours getting it fixed and re-setting my password.  It is not that you cannot find something to do it is the waiting, the getting back and the feeble attempts to fix by the provider.  Finally Rodnay to the rescue, a techie who knew his stuff.

After i wrote he last post Tripper returned with another bunny so  he was grounded.Tripper finally was granted a pardon on Sunday as he is molting and we were knee deep in fur.  Besides  he is so cute and acted sorry.

We are all upset here as the ranch we overlook sold off another 160 acres to a speculator who say's he wants it for his grand-kids to have somewhere to hunt.  Sunday they cut a road for a boundary fence. It turns west in the photo as it is going round the reservoir, now empty.

The ranch we overlook is is the Escondida Swan Ranch.  they sold off 500 acres about 4 years ago.  The ranch is on Bear Creek road where there is a ranch that has lots of exotics.  Chris said this is an African …

WOYWW April 18 2012

Today I am showing another worktop, my kitchen.  Not a very appetizing meal just putting oil and garlic on some whole wheat bread to accompany the pasta and sausage soup I defrosted.  I made that a month ago.  Since the weather is into the 80s F (27C) most afternoons I decided we needed to use up the winter fare.  

Chris and i were just enjoying lunch on the deck when he spotted Tripper(# 2 cat) coming up from the western edge of the yard.( Looking west along the deck, we call it the west wing!)

 Below is the view from the table and the white area in the left is where he saw tripper first emerge.

  He rushed off and I heard him commanding Tripper to "put it down" .  Minutes later Chris came on the deck with a baby bunny so tiny it could have been a mouse.  Tripper was locked inside as Chris made a frantic effort to reunite baby and mommy bunny. 

  Tripper remains confined.

He is hiding his face from the camera because he said, he sees all the celebs on  TV do that when caught by …


Here is my worktop I worked on Tim Holtz CC101 but I do not have all the embossing tools and powders or many of his other products.  I never posted to his site as I was unable to transfer to his student gallery.

I hate making samples, it seems so boring and a waste of time as I can never find them but Tim's method of labeling the tags with his instructions were good so they all went into his folder except these two that I used for the cover of my last travel journal that is now almost a year ago.  it was the trip to Infineon and then the Sonoma -Mendocino wine areas.  

Since my supplies included so few of his many products I played.  This is using  Distress ink pad on glossy paper, drying it then stamping it with StazOn and a pigment ink from color box.  

before I started playing with the distress pads I managed to finish Ella's dress.

The design i saw in JoAnns included an apron but i decided it was better separate and if the apron got messed up the whole dress did not have to be…

WOYWW for April 4

Well its Wednesday again.  Last week i missed posting as sort of overwhelmed by things. Here is today"s  "What's On My Worktop Wednesday".  The almost completed dress for Ella.

here was what was on my desk last Wednesday.  The start of a circle skirt for Ella. It is in pink satin and chiffon.

Here is what happened to the stuff on the desk.  Moved into the sort out boxes that never get sorted out with the addition of some Metallic Mixatives for the Tim class.  

More of what started on the desk for the the sewing project.  The skirt involved a lot of improvisations due to not reading the pattern and using a fabric different than the pattern company recommended.

This is it finished.  hope it is long enough and does not look like a tutu.  it is based on Skyped measurements.   the trim is an antique French ribbon rose garland and I made a chiffon rose.  What does not show is the sparkle from all the little dots of shimmer. 
Well now to finish the dress.