A day from hell

The modem went kaput today and we have spent 10 hours getting it fixed and re-setting my password.  It is not that you cannot find something to do it is the waiting, the getting back and the feeble attempts to fix by the provider.  Finally Rodnay to the rescue, a techie who knew his stuff.

After i wrote he last post Tripper returned with another bunny so  he was grounded. Tripper finally was granted a pardon on Sunday as he is molting and we were knee deep in fur.  Besides  he is so cute and acted sorry.

We are all upset here as the ranch we overlook sold off another 160 acres to a speculator who say's he wants it for his grand-kids to have somewhere to hunt.  Sunday they cut a road for a boundary fence. It turns west in the photo as it is going round the reservoir, now empty.

The ranch we overlook is is the Escondida Swan Ranch.  they sold off 500 acres about 4 years ago.  The ranch is on Bear Creek road where there is a ranch that has lots of exotics.  Chris said this is an African Sicar.  we drove round to see what was happening to Swan, fearful they would be building and estate.  The land is very expensive down there as it is close to the river.

if you have about $1.5 m you don't know what to do with, try this http://www.trulia.com/property/1074186270-180-Bear-Creek-Rd-Kerrville-TX-78028


  1. That's a lovely gift for someone, I supposed, but so sad, too. Just the thought of all that space, sitting here in NYC, is mind boggling.

  2. I hope they don't fill it all up with houses and spoil your view!!


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