WOYWW April 18 2012

Today I am showing another worktop, my kitchen.  Not a very appetizing meal just putting oil and garlic on some whole wheat bread to accompany the pasta and sausage soup I defrosted.  I made that a month ago.  Since the weather is into the 80s F (27C) most afternoons I decided we needed to use up the winter fare.  

Chris and i were just enjoying lunch on the deck when he spotted Tripper(# 2 cat) coming up from the western edge of the yard.( Looking west along the deck, we call it the west wing!)

 Below is the view from the table and the white area in the left is where he saw tripper first emerge.

  He rushed off and I heard him commanding Tripper to "put it down" .  Minutes later Chris came on the deck with a baby bunny so tiny it could have been a mouse.  Tripper was locked inside as Chris made a frantic effort to reunite baby and mommy bunny. 

  Tripper remains confined.

He is hiding his face from the camera because he said, he sees all the celebs on  TV do that when caught by the paparazzi. The fate of BB remains unknown but the vultures are soaring overhead, well one is.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, what a view! How wonderful to sit on that swingy seat and survey all around you. Fantastic.

    Poor Tripper, he was only bringing you back a little treat to pop in your soup. Well done to Chris for trying to reunite Mother and baby (I'd do the same) but I suspect it was a fairly fruitless endeavour :o(

    I do love your style of writing, Monica. I can just imagine you talking like that too (.....well one is - hahaha).


  2. What a funny photo of Tripper--fits so perfectly with the story. Poor little bunny--when Sparky was just a pup, he found a nest of little bunnies and tried to carry one off. It was awful!

  3. Oh dear, naughty Tripper. Hope you enjoyed your lunch - Hazel, WOYWW #85 x

  4. Clever cat! No-one should have to face the papperazzi (sorry poor spelling) it has been a long day visiting nearly everyone. Enjoy your warm weather - wish we had some here. Regards, Anne #30

  5. What a wonderful view you have. Love Tripper's story.

  6. Wow!!! what a view... Wee tipper is camara shy... he most likely thought it was a mouse!!! bless him! only bringing you a gift, Hope bunny is doing fine, Hugs May x x x No2

  7. haha. Tripper needs one of those hoodie sweatshirts to pull over his head! Lovely view.

  8. What a bright kitchen. And your view. How do you get anything done with that deck to relax on?
    Tripper should be hiding his head. Hope the bunny is okay.

  9. Hi there, Monica - don't know I've missed your desk before but I'm glad I've found you now!! What a view, bet you don't get tired of that one, eh? I read some of your previous posts and am in awe of your dressmaking skills! I'd have killed for a pink swirly skirt like that (and that was just last week, lol). It's wonderful to meet someone else who is cavalier with pattern instructions and fabric choices too - I never stick to a pattern *grin*
    Hugs, LLJ #7 xx

  10. Wow what a view I think I would be crafting outside all the time. Hope the bb is ok. Hugs Amanda #146

  11. Oh your view is stunning. Take care & enjoy this weeks WOYWW snoop, I'm still nosing! Zo xx17

  12. Wonderful photos! I was watching some turkey vultures circling yesterday as I was out on my walk, and they kept getting closer in, and a tighter circle around my head.

    Sheesh, I hadn't had a shower yet, but really, I didn't smell THAT bad!


  13. That some view there, thanks for sharing

    Lisa #112

  14. fabulous pictures
    playing catch up
    happy woyww
    kay #51

  15. What an amazing view! Tripper is so naughty but he was just bringing you some cat love ;-) Happy Belated WOYWW #45

  16. Oh Tripper really knows he's in the doghouse, so to speak. Hope the bunny made it. The TH stuff you've done is wonderful and that dress and apron below are simply gorgeous, fab colours :-)
    Anne xx


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