With all the computer frustrations yesterday I wrote this post in Open Office and then had to get on phone with the server to figure out why the password gadget would not accept anything. By the time that was resolved  a glass of wine on the deck was called for.  No more computer time on Tuesday.

  Today was sunny and wonderful and I was off to an early start when the scanner denied the existence of the computer and the computer retaliated. After much a do with Epson and Windows I hit the scan button and it worked so E and W were left to fight it out and I can now create today's WOYWW blog.

So today my workspace is a real mess as I had to change out what I planned to make yesterday as it involved downloading etc.  Strange how when that happens you feel totally lost despite  all the To Do lists and notes every where and deadline approaching.

 I sewed up tulle circles for wine glass covers as the fruit flies like our wine as much as we do.  They need beads attached requiring that I think out how to sew beads on with the machine.  These were cut out Sunday with my soldering iron.
 Finished my time chunkies on Friday and just getting round to mailing them.

 Painted lunch bags with Gesso ready to be made into a book. another project in the making for 6 weeks.    Checked out all the stuff sprayed with my Dylusions sprays. Fabulous bright colors. Hate to cut up the paper for the book but no point sitting there.

here are the tags I made from the over spray.  Truth is someone like me should never be allowed around spray paint.  When we painted the house I was at last a painted woman.  This spray comes off clothes and body very easily.

Today Tim Holtz introduced his seasonal colors and no doubt, they are now sold out.  Such marketing skills.  I joined two online groups to aid my ability to use all the stuff marketed under his name and the Ranger company. As a result a gazillion more blogs are visited daily,  and, among the many look alike Tim creations, are some spectacular finds, some wonderful talent. Another great discovery is that all tags are not born equal.   So many of the cheaper ones pill up when you rub on them with the foam pads and such. Tags have to be clay coated like the gloss paper to successfully use Distress ink techniques a la Tim. Hopefully from a blog post I can find some good tags at a great price.  



  1. those tags would have been great for backgrounds for this weeks TAG TUESDAY CHALLENGE.
    Take a look at mine to see why.
    Lynn 31
    One I Made Earlier Today

  2. What a fun space you have!! Love the floor and all those cool books you are working on. I am intrigued with what a time junky might be...they look very cool. And your tags and Dylusions colors are Beaut-e-ful. I so understand about spray paint, or any paint for that matter. I'm the original slob-ola.
    Have a great week.

  3. Hello fellow Texan! I'm from North Central part up near Dallas Ft Worth! Busy desk you have there! Lots of fun things going on. Stop by and visit my blog if you have the time. #183

  4. Hi Monica. Love your tags and the beautiful colours you used too. Its very cold and windy to-day here in Scotland, so I think I need to come to Texas. LOL. Hugs Rita xx 67

  5. I'm guessing you don't live in the UK if you have sunshine. We've forgotten what that is here in the UK where it has done nothing but rain and is freezing cold!!!!
    You have some gorgeous things going on. Love that sprayed paper, the colours are amazing.
    The last tome I used sprays I ended up with a bright pink face!!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #74

  6. Love those bright colours - gorgeous - (Hazel #173) x

  7. I love the paper you made with the dylusions inks-very pretty!

  8. I love your background paper, such fab colours and those tags are gorgeous :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Hugs, Karen #75

  9. So much going on in your studio!
    I´m curious to see how your tags will look when you´ve finished...

    Happy WOYWW to you!
    Susan nr 92

  10. Don't computers and their related hardware drive you nuts?! Why do they suddenly refuse to recognise each other??? My computer has an abusive on/off relationship with the scanner, usually when I need it to scan something quickly. Why can't they just get on?!

    You've been a busy girl, Monica. Your sprayed tags are gorgeous. Dylusions might come out of skin easily, but be warned, the glimmer mists don't (especially blue!!).

    ps you're so right about the TH marketing machine. I got an email about the new Spring colours Distress Inks yesterday, and now everywhere I look it's BUY BUY BUY!!

  11. What a great crafty space you have, so bright and vibrant, but I'm guessing the sunshine helps! Yep, I'm from the UK where it is very wet at the moment! I love your views from your deck too ... beautiful. Thanks for sharing Liz no 194

  12. Oh I laughed at your blog - I simply cannot paint a wall without getting covered in blobs! Like the sprayed paper that you cut up for tags, very funky. And woe betide any fruit flies that went for MY WINE!!
    Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

  13. Super backgrounds and tags! Love the colours. Hope all puter-problems are sorted now. Take care, hope you enjoy this week's WOYWW, have been snooping in shifts but I'm getting there! Zo xx 77

  14. wow, i love the way you made the colors in your tags. i hope you get to find the tags you want!

  15. Love the colours of the Dylusions.
    As if computers didn't cause enough problems, Blogger has to go and change to. I can't find a button to moderate "All" so have to tick each one.
    Thanks for sharing all this magic
    Sorry I am so late - you will see why in my next WOYWW posting. Thanks for visiting and for sharing. Hugs, Neet #3 xx
    ps last call for my blog candy - closes tomorrow

  16. I love your tags.Such beautiful colours.
    Thanks for stopping by
    Happy belated WOYWW



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