WOYWW for April 4

Well its Wednesday again.  Last week i missed posting as sort of overwhelmed by things. Here is today"s  "What's On My Worktop Wednesday".  The almost completed dress for Ella.

here was what was on my desk last Wednesday.  The start of a circle skirt for Ella. It is in pink satin and chiffon.

Here is what happened to the stuff on the desk.  Moved into the sort out boxes that never get sorted out with the addition of some Metallic Mixatives for the Tim class.  

More of what started on the desk for the the sewing project.  The skirt involved a lot of improvisations due to not reading the pattern and using a fabric different than the pattern company recommended.

This is it finished.  hope it is long enough and does not look like a tutu.  it is based on Skyped measurements.   the trim is an antique French ribbon rose garland and I made a chiffon rose.  What does not show is the sparkle from all the little dots of shimmer. 
Well now to finish the dress.


  1. Hey! I have boxes like that sort outs that never get sorted.... and some just get stuffed under my desk....sigh...

    Vee #156

  2. You can see a little bit of that shimmer in the circle skirt. I love the addition of the rose garland, it really made it sweet. I have unsorted boxes and piles too. Maybe someday...

  3. Monica-what a pretty little skirt!! She must be the best dressed little girl in her town!!

  4. Hi Monica, the skirt is so pretty :-) You can see the shimmer when you click on it.
    After reading some blurb on the Royal Iris it has had several incarnations.
    Anne xx

  5. Ella is one lucky girl. I love the skirt. I used to love sewing for my daughter.

  6. Oh well done, the skirt, despite the improv and 'wrong' material looks fabulous, I'm sure Ella will be utterly delighted!

  7. I'm thinking I need to change my name to Ella - I am so glad you didn't follow directions on the pink skirt. believe me the darling will not care what the length is and will twirl and look dazzling...love it! I caught up on your blog and love the WH...wednesday concept.


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