Went to Breaux Bridges last Thursday for the Crawfish Festival, 3 days and nights of music, food and fun.  So my Work-space was sort of cleaner than usual though at the last minute I made a paper bag  book to use on the trip.  I started it but it was not easy to make on the road.  That's all the stuff i brought back for the journal in the bag at the end of the table.  I use the phone book too spread glue on stuff.  That's the TV changer, usually buried

It was a very hot weekend.  on the way out we met with my friend Peggy for lunch.  Can't believe we never made photos!  We stopped the first night in Beaumont.  then on to Louisiana in the morning with a quick stop for tooth brushes at Target.  this followed a futile attempt to find WalMart in Beaumont the night before when the GPS took us to Sam's.  So on to the camp ground in Parc Hardy for 3 days dry camping (no electric power or water or sewer, we had to rely on the RV).

There were 3 stages, this is the Crawfish Stage lots of Cajun and zydeco.

Demo of how to make crawfish etouffe. and of course a sample.

Chris and i taking it in.  We had to buy chairs. Fortunately the Winn Dixie across the street had a special 2 for $12.99.  Mine is orange.

No I never go on this stuff.  

Everyone goes there with chairs these had a canopy.

   This was the Crawfish Etouffe cook off.  Chris found these young men and they gave him a shot of something.  I thought theirs was the best.

Everyone always dances in Lousianna.  We even attended a dance lesson.  We have vowed to practise at home !!!!

 Making friends with the Relay for Life queen, a pageant to raise money for cancer research.  They had adult and children queens.  Pageants seem to be part of the Louisiana lifestyle.

And here is the star, little guy they feast on, celebrate and live off.  They are also known as Mudbugs.  They are like shrimp but live in the mud.  They cook them up many ways.  There were lots of food booths with $5.00 or $8.) plates.  We had them boiled,  you tear off the heads(I like to suck it) then peel the tail  We liked them best of all in cream sauces. Everything is very spicy.  There were great discussions on what to eat next and what we thought were the best. I really love them little bugs.  Yummy.    

 Beer was $2.00 and we drank lots of that as it was at least 89F (32C).  I sprayed myself from head to toe with Neutrogena 55.  it worked.  



  1. WOW it looks and sounds like you had a fantastic time at the festival, a great post and fab photos :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week. Karen #49

  2. What a lovely workspace! It's huge!!
    Laura 82

  3. Fab desk and some great pictures you've shared. Take care & enjoy snooping this WOYWW. Zo xx 73

  4. What fun at the festival. fab craft room you have and lots of stash. Thanks for stopping by.

    PS I am useless with these comment moderation words. There is an option to disable it if you want to.

  5. Looks like you and Chris had a fabulous time! All your talk about the cajun food and zydeco makes me want to go back to Louisiana again soon! Great picture of the ferris wheel--but where is the super moon?

  6. Now what in the world is etouffe? I'm guessing it's some cajun thingoranother, with that kind of name.

    I need to get myself to Louisiana sometime soon.

  7. ick...okay...I was doing fine til the little bug...... no thanks...hahhahah.... maybe a nice slab of salmon.....

    oh, and... sure bring on the zydeco...love it... that's boppin'


  8. WOW!!! Love your pics looks as though a fabulous time was had by all....Hugs May x x x#31

  9. My goodness your craft area is HUGE, it looks like a studio bug enough to hold classes in! Love it and great photos. Thanks for the visit earlier too. Anne #2

  10. Fab pictures have a great week xx

  11. Forgot to say great idea using the telephone book for gluing stuff! Patsy

  12. A girl after my own heart, we have a motorhome, bit smaller than an RV although it is 25'. thanks for the desk peep and I enjoyed the festival with you.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  13. What a fabulous desk you have! The fest sounds like it was a good time.

  14. Great space and great fun at the festival!

    Susan #145

  15. Oh my word what a fun weekend, I'm rubbish at the craft on the go thing...always end up bringing home a bag of stuff! Great use of the phone directory! You totally understood the ATC swap stuff, on wek 156 asterisk tournament contactthenext as risked name on the list. Should work a treat!

  16. Not quite sure how you use the telephone book for glueing stuff?

    The Crawfish Festival looks fantastic (as long as you like Crawfish!!).

    Poor little Mudbugs, they just shouldn't be so tasty!!


  17. The festival sounds great fun. Thanks for sharing your pics :-)
    Anne x

  18. I realize I'm late getting here to visit, but I've been unplugged all week. I've never had a crayfish and not sure I ever want one, although I certainly LOVE shrimp. Sounds like you had a super time, even though you had to buy toothbrushes and chairs.

  19. I'm wondering if a Mudbug and a crawldad are the same thing? Either way it looks like y'all had a great time, I just want to say I am sorry I didn't get around to everyone's desk last week, but between NSD and my craft fair I was a bit over whelmed! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed your 'Taste' of the crayfish festival! We're rv'ers from Canada, and are planning to be explore New Mexico, Texas, and hopefully Louisiana in July / August...Am looking forward to eating and visiting stamp stores throughout your state! I hope there are still festivals and fairs going on at that 'hot' time of year!
    I love the colors of your Tags! They look like a 'table full of Sunshine'..very happy!
    Thanks for sharing sharing! Elaine


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