WOYWW#155 quite a week

This is my desk after finishing the ATC for # 156 of What's On Your Worktop Wednesday (WOYWW), organized by Julie.    I used the Distress Inks as well as cutting up all the sprayed sheets from Dylusions sprays.  making ATC was a hard process as my muse was on vacations and only returned when the garbage began to fill with discarded ideas.  Think that having a theme is easier for me.  Once an idea come to mind and the creating process is started, then comes floods of ideas and blue air results when nothing works out. This time my measuring just flew out the window. 

Last week I jumped on and cleared out all the quilting fabric accumulated over 15 to 20 years.  The oranges and yellows were place in boxes for my cat cover project.  Then  on to the other11 boxes of fabrics.  All the awful colors and patterns i bought over the years and would take out for every project, then go and buy something i liked.   In fact i went early next morning to the Point, a community theater where a group of women create hand made goodies from the donated fabric.  There were hundreds of fat quarters donated. begining to wonder about all the "must have" stuff.    If you visit Elizabeth & Bluebeard, Altered Book Lover she seems to be having some of the same thoughts as I on buying on the whim. ( discovered how to throw in links and when your comments come for approval i now know how I can reply to you ).

This brought me up to my present fad, Distress inks, stamps and paper crafting on tags.  Since I bought 1000 tags there is a commitment!    One of the benefits of this group (WOYWW)has been visiting blogs and seeing that i am not alone in my going crazy over some new found way to make something or things to make like journal and books.  It is also funny to see that " everything old is new again."  Painting and using paper towels was on one of the WYOWW sites visited this morning.  This was an obsession of mine about 5 years ago when I had a class with Sue Bleisweis on making easy books.  

This is a vessel made out of paper towels in Sue's class.  Blogger is refusing to  show it upright.

Better continue organizing the desk so i can sew.


  1. 1,000 tags! That's quite a challenge. I can see this has truly inspired you to work at something completely new. I love doing that, too!

  2. Wow 1000, that will keep you busy! To be fair though I've only just started making some tags and can see the appeal! Take care & enjoy this WOYWW, hope your Thursday is a lovely one. Zo xx 80

  3. will take you a while to get through that many tags but it will be fun
    kay #33

  4. Isn't that just typical with your muse - only comes back once you've spent all your time trying out dodgy ideas :o)

    1000 tags!!! Hahahahahaha, that's quite a commitment!


  5. 1,000???!!! {Faint} Enjoyed visiting you for WOYWW, Sandy #168

  6. Have lots of fun... Yikes!!! 1000 you brave girl.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#30

  7. Yes I have been flipping from sewing to knitting to cards for a few weeks now. 1000 tags woot what a stock up have fun. Sandy :) #91


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