Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Wednesday comes quickly.  what a week and now to my worktop.  the first image is the working side of the table and shows Monday's efforts to work with distress inks and improve my stamping.  to the left the tag is made from digital images from 1937 and the other tag uses  Daniel Torrence stamp from Stampotique .  the rubber stamp is an old post card.  the cuff needs repair and if i put it away it will not get done.  The buttons need reattaching with jump rings. 

I made a dress and skirt for Ella last week and finished the embellishments Monday.  Since Tuesday is art day with Deanie nothing was done in my studio it was 103F (39.4C)yesterday by 3pm, when i returned from her home in Boerne.  We spent the morning at the new Joann's in San Antonio.  Lots of lovely fabric and craft items.
here is the other side of my work top where everything was dumped .  that is the tiny purse made to match Ella's dress.

this is the dress with the purse.  the flowers at the neckline were cut with my Big Shot Die cutter.  the fabric is tutti Frutti seersucker and it is a modified Simplicity pattern.  it was a difficult pattern as the sleeves have that band.

The skirt is also tutti frutti fabric.  I will have to start buying a different brand of fabric.  

The embellishment on the skirt hem!

off to shop.  have a good one. Today will also be over 100F, 39.4c quite possible.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WOYWW #159 Moving on

First let me thank each and everyone who commented on my last post about the loss of our precious Spunky.  Your comments eased the loss and helped allay the guilt that follows a decision on life and death. He definitely went to Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge.  Tripper is adjusting to life as an only cat and very demanding about his food.  As you can see I have lost my seat to tripper.  If i sit in the chair he climbs in the back and eventually pushes me out.  The stool is for the work area.  I rarely use it and now it serves me at the computer though not comfortable.

On my workspace today are the projects about almost completed.  A dress and a skirt. for GD Ella and the travel book from our trip to Breaux Bridges. The book was finished right after the trip using 3 brown paper bags,it does need some photos added to the pockets.  This week the cover was finalized.  Cut up some  Bristol board sprayed with Dyan R's Dylusion Sprays.

This week my DH turns 75. Sounds OLD? get this he is now volunteering with the Home Association and is out everyday fixing sprinkler systems, the electric on the gate or helping with the road repairs.  When i say "out" I mean digging ditches laying conduit in 90+F (33.9C) weather.  he really is remarkable.  he decided he want a party and had a list of about 20 people.  Usually i cook up a storm and usually parties are in cooler weather.  So he has had to make do with brought in BBQ brisket along with the sides and the guests have offered to bring a dish.  My contribution is making cupcakes, chocolate with ganache topping and margarita with lime buttercream frosting. So just have to organize and hope by 7pm Friday the sun has cooled sufficiently for folks to move to the eat deck.  It is a fun crowd so looking forwards to it.

Now to start the clean up and check what to buy and all the things needed for Friday night.  Just have to finish off the flowers for the dress and a bow for the skirt and mail next week.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This is a sad week as we had to say good bye to Spunky.  The vet kept giving me more pills and finally I had enough.   We went to a new vet to try and find out what was really happening with him as he just would not eat and was not drinking water. The new vet, a woman, Dr Ryan Roberts was wonderful and reviewed the test results and added some more tests., each time ruling out what seemed horrible to come up with even worse news.  Nothing was going to restore him to his former life.  His days would be filled with endless vet visits tubes and other horrors so we made the decision.  So instead of my desk i thought i would recount the story of how our sweet, gourmet, urban cool cat  found us.

About 13 to 14 years ago when we were living in Sugar Land TX, Chris rushed up to my sewing room  and said he had heard meows coming from the engine of his truck  after a 300 mile drive.  We rushed to the garage and listened.  Sure enough tiny meows came from deep inside the truck.  Chris tore out side panels and the meow became louder.   Finally, a glimpse of a little ball of fur.  Reaching in, as I have small hand and grabbing, I was met by a sharp bite. Reeling back i brought out the fur ball but let go.  He ran off into the wood pile.  Off we went to ER for a tetanus shot.

Over the next six week each morning and  night , i crept out with a bowl of food and uttered "meow meow" and watched as this little kitten come out and eyed the bowl of food.  he would only eat when i left.  Each evening we sat out and were rewarded with the joys of a little kitty chasing leaves.  Then one Saturday morning with the patio doors open he just walked in.  He admired himself in the wall mirror then rushed behind it to see who was there. he spent the weekend in the house.  On Monday he was scooped up and headed to the vet who said he was about 7 months old, though small as he probably had not had much food on the ranch.  From then on he was ours.  he went out morning and night and slowly became a gourmet specializing in shrimp and venison.   Quickly he discovered he could sit on poppas knee every night.  Eventually we found him a friend, Tripper but only after Chris brought home Twinkle from the ranch,  a half starved kitty who survived out in the dry hot Texas sun and was rescued by ranch hands and Chris.  twinkle was full of flees and a a delightful playful kitty who allowed Spunky to swat her up the stairs and rushed back for more.  Regrettably she deteriorated due to some horrendous disease only found in wild country cats.  the vet was so relieved it was a country kitten as she said if it was a cat from the city it would indicate some epidemic.  And so Spunky became our beloved pet, fearful of people and a bon vivant.   together with his lively naught friend he lived a happy life.  He knew what he liked, sleeping and eating, indoor living with the occasional foray onto the deck and evenings with dad.

 We miss him so much.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


late posting as Spunky had to be taken to the vet today.  we made an appointment yesterday but this morning Chris decided Spunky was worse so rushed him over.  Spunky is drinking water and not eating  The vet is doing blood tests and thinks Spunky may have diabetes.  I find that strange as he is not overeating or drinking nor is he peeing all the time.  He has very dilated pupils and is lethargic.  we are both very worried.

here is my desk after a busy week making invitation for my husband's birthday and trying to make the cat cover only to have my machine jump stitches.It was off to Creations a local quilt shop for Calvin, the wiz mechanic, to fix.  Now returned with a burr found on the whatever catches the thread when the needle comes down.  He made some adjustments and I will see if it works shortly.  i use the hair dryer to dry the inks used for backgrounds on the tags.  Tim Holtz calls it a heat tool.  Also on the table are 4 of the remaining ATCs made for last weeks swap.  I emailed several people to ask for addresses and received 3 replies so if you want one just send me your address to  

Here they are:

This is the invitation made for my DH's birthday party.   

 The envelopes were clear see through.  the background is inked sprayed with water then stamped with perfect pearl. My progress making everything was hindered by my preoccupation with the Diamond Jubilee. Despite the rain it was magnificent although the BBC coverage lacked a certain  sophistication and snap as the commentators were less than stellar.  they need a reality show called "Find  A Dimbleby".

Better give the machine a workout and try to quit worrying about Spunky