late posting as Spunky had to be taken to the vet today.  we made an appointment yesterday but this morning Chris decided Spunky was worse so rushed him over.  Spunky is drinking water and not eating  The vet is doing blood tests and thinks Spunky may have diabetes.  I find that strange as he is not overeating or drinking nor is he peeing all the time.  He has very dilated pupils and is lethargic.  we are both very worried.

here is my desk after a busy week making invitation for my husband's birthday and trying to make the cat cover only to have my machine jump stitches.It was off to Creations a local quilt shop for Calvin, the wiz mechanic, to fix.  Now returned with a burr found on the whatever catches the thread when the needle comes down.  He made some adjustments and I will see if it works shortly.  i use the hair dryer to dry the inks used for backgrounds on the tags.  Tim Holtz calls it a heat tool.  Also on the table are 4 of the remaining ATCs made for last weeks swap.  I emailed several people to ask for addresses and received 3 replies so if you want one just send me your address to clothear@windstream.net  

Here they are:

This is the invitation made for my DH's birthday party.   

 The envelopes were clear see through.  the background is inked sprayed with water then stamped with perfect pearl. My progress making everything was hindered by my preoccupation with the Diamond Jubilee. Despite the rain it was magnificent although the BBC coverage lacked a certain  sophistication and snap as the commentators were less than stellar.  they need a reality show called "Find  A Dimbleby".

Better give the machine a workout and try to quit worrying about Spunky


  1. hope that your cat spunky is ok and gets well soon,funny how attached we get to our pets
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #52

  2. Poor Spunky :o( I understand how worried you are and I hope you get the results back soon, and that the results are good.

    The BBC has received loads of criticism for their coverage of the Jubilee. They never seem to get it right these days. Apart from the rain I really enjoyed all the celebrations - it's so lovely to see smiling faces and genuine joy as a change from the doom and gloom that's usually on the news these days.

    Give Spunky a kiss and a cuddle from me,


  3. I hope Spunky is feeling better soon!

    Mary Jo #99

  4. I hope you have had good news regarding Spunky by the time you read this. Your ATC's are wonderful. #147

  5. I hope Spunky is okay!! Love your tag for Chris's b day and your cat ATC's are great!

  6. I do hope wee Spunky is doing ok..and the results are good ones.. your ATC's are AmAzing.. I did email you last week.. so hopefully you got that ok.. Hugs May x x x#34

  7. Hope your cat is ok. Fab pics.Take care my WOYWW friend, am still snooping, all but a little late! Zo xx 65

  8. Not only am I late, I'm hoping Spunky is feeling better. I know how worried I am when Bleubeard is sick. Speaking of Bleubeard, he and I were BOTH extremely delighted to get your ATC today. What an awesome mail day. I loved the beautifully decorated envelope that opened to a fantastic ATC and really thoughtful note. Bleubeard thought it looked like him (grin).

    You are so sweet and considerate. I am very appreciative of your friendship, your continued visits, and your kindness. And of course, I'm thankful for the truly PURRFECT ATC, too.


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