WOYWW #159 Moving on

First let me thank each and everyone who commented on my last post about the loss of our precious Spunky.  Your comments eased the loss and helped allay the guilt that follows a decision on life and death. He definitely went to Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge.  Tripper is adjusting to life as an only cat and very demanding about his food.  As you can see I have lost my seat to tripper.  If i sit in the chair he climbs in the back and eventually pushes me out.  The stool is for the work area.  I rarely use it and now it serves me at the computer though not comfortable.

On my workspace today are the projects about almost completed.  A dress and a skirt. for GD Ella and the travel book from our trip to Breaux Bridges. The book was finished right after the trip using 3 brown paper bags,it does need some photos added to the pockets.  This week the cover was finalized.  Cut up some  Bristol board sprayed with Dyan R's Dylusion Sprays.

This week my DH turns 75. Sounds OLD? get this he is now volunteering with the Home Association and is out everyday fixing sprinkler systems, the electric on the gate or helping with the road repairs.  When i say "out" I mean digging ditches laying conduit in 90+F (33.9C) weather.  he really is remarkable.  he decided he want a party and had a list of about 20 people.  Usually i cook up a storm and usually parties are in cooler weather.  So he has had to make do with brought in BBQ brisket along with the sides and the guests have offered to bring a dish.  My contribution is making cupcakes, chocolate with ganache topping and margarita with lime buttercream frosting. So just have to organize and hope by 7pm Friday the sun has cooled sufficiently for folks to move to the eat deck.  It is a fun crowd so looking forwards to it.

Now to start the clean up and check what to buy and all the things needed for Friday night.  Just have to finish off the flowers for the dress and a bow for the skirt and mail next week.



  1. could you put the pillow somewhere else for Tripper and get yourself a new one? That may be what he's after most. I sure couldn't handle the stool. Have fun at the party.

  2. Sorry to read about the loss of your sweet kitty Spunky. It is hard to lose a pet. Have been there myself. Maybe you need to get an extra chair now for your craft room. Lots of goodies there to see this week! ~ Sandy #145

  3. Your dh sounds amazing! :)
    And love, love the clothes.
    So adorable and makes me wish I could sew like that!!!

    Mary Jo #123

  4. 75 isn't old (well, if it is, then my husband is old too - lol!). The dress and skirt are looking good. Hope Tripper adjusts to his new way of life without his friend (and you too) 75 isn't old (well, if it is, then my husband is old too - lol!).

  5. Hi Monica please send your DH over to Lancashire UK to fix my mums fence and gate, repair the render on the outside of my house and cut back the trees. Then I will give him tea and cakes. Haha.
    Have a good crafty week
    Lynn 73

  6. A big THANK YOU Monica for the lovely package you sent me. I've featured it on my WOYWW today.
    Lynn. 73

  7. Hi Monica - your DH sounds fab ! Hope you both enjoy the party & have a fun night ! Ali #39

  8. Your hubby sounds awesome :) We just bought a new house and I'm wondering how much of a handy-man my husband is going to become. Hopefully he'll step up to the plate. Happy birthday to him and have a great party!

    Katie (146)

    PS. I'm still wiping away tears from your previous post. Sorry for your loss!

  9. You two make retirement look like a blast.

  10. Wee Tripper is also feeling the loss of Spunky so he's just sleeping there for a while.. or he just wants to be near you!!
    I hope your DH has a wonderful birthday party.. I wished I lived nearer as I fancy one of those cupcakes.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x x#62

  11. Margarita did you say? Oh, um, what was the address again? YUM
    *smiles* Norma
    p.s. kitty knows what is a stuffed and cozy spot to lounge, and what is not.

  12. Fabulous crafty desk.

    Sorry about your loss.

  13. Fabulous workspace, thanks for sharing. BBQ sounds amazing
    Sophie no.92

  14. I'd heard of the Rainbow Bridge, but had NO idea there was a website for it. I had to check it out. It's so sad I ended up crying before I could continue back here. I get SO sentimental when it comes to pets. My next door neighbors have this adorable dog. I've watched her grow over the past three months and she is an angel. Every time I'm in the back yard, she makes noises to get my attention. I can barely see her through the weeds, but she makes her way to the fence. She waits until I come over and pet her. She always seems so happy to see me. I feel sorry for her. I may be her only attention. OK, enough said.

    Happy belated WOYWW from # 10. Not sure I can write much more through the tears.

  15. happy WOYWW! happy birthday to your DH. glad to hear is healthy and strong. always good to keep busy whatever the age and it's just a number anyway.
    blessings and hugs from #15
    peggy aplSEEDS

  16. Oh my, Tripper's sad too, bless him. You are as usual, amazingly busy and multi taksing with your skills. Hope Dh's party has been a huge hit, oh, the bliss of weathr thats good enoughto eat outdoors!

  17. Wow, you have been busy. Good on your DH...75 and still volunteering! I am impressed.

  18. Well I hope you had a wonderful party, or hubby did, he is an amazing man to be doing all that at his age. Cats do rule the home dont they
    Bridget #3

  19. I'm so sorry to hear about your poor Spunky, it looks like Tripper obviously wants to stay close.
    A very Happy Birthday to your DH, he sounds amazing.
    Sorry for the late visit and thanks for stopping by.
    Hugs Lisax #103


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