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It must be Wednesday somewhere. WOYWW 165

This has been a busy week as I finished my swap for ATT Summer Travels here and mailed it off. Then completed Tuesday the Inkyrangers swap this is it  Hot August Nights.
here is my workspace with my new project , the chunky book page swap and the theme is Wine, Women and Song, the backgrounds this is for Sketchbook project

On the window seat are the images torn from the Travel brochures from our Colorado trip.  I continue to work on the photos for the trip tagging them in Picasa.  on the window ledge are the Hot August Nights tags.  that was fun and finally i felt I made headway on backgrounds, this project is due Aug 15 so sometime after that i will put it on the blog.

My computer desk has some images that may be used in the Wine women and Song swap, not sure about these and a bag with something I will use.
   Right at the end of the ironing  board is silk noil fabric cut out for shorts and waiting to be sewn up.  the orange is tissue paper that needs to be put away.  the white  is part …


Oh what a week! All the chores one has after a trip and then to put away all the stuff found on trip, not completed, find everything I bought, catch-up and console Tripper who has become my shadow with claws! On arrival home, I worked quickly at finishing the All Things Tim (ATT )  6x6 page swap Summer Travel.  it was somewhat intimidating as you are making a page for someone else to fill in and I cannot visualize that.  Some time after Aug 17 I will show my pages. The packet of them is to the right, there were 15 to make .  Then I signed for Hot Summer Nights on Inky Rangers sprayed some tags and could not produce the image i wanted.  Also dabbled with the chunky book swap Wine Women and Song on another Yahoo group The SketchBook project .  This swap is run by  Lorena who is always making interesting art.  

I will have to return to my travels later as I am sorting through images and tagging them on Picasa. 
Thanks everyone who visited last week.  it will be later before I start visiting.

Not quite WOYWW

HOME!  i really intended to write about our trip on the road and alas there was no WiFi in most of the places we stayed and when there was we were tired from walking around in the hi altitude!  here is a quick recap of the vacation in Colorado.

heading out west nearly all photos shot through front window
The RV with slides in

 the first night we headed to Cloudcroft NM, a mountain that rises to 9000 feet, out of the vast rolling hills of the dry plains.  Despite our downsizing they manage to make it "shortie" proof
Chris recovering from the 440 mile drive through high heat and then a torrential downpour that continued all night .  the day dawned bright and sunny.

The ride to Cloudcroft is slow and the land rises slowly.  We spent the night in Mayhill close to the base of the mountain.  next day we found a look out spot on the precipitous drive down.
And my desk

 the road ahead Blogger is now acting up!)
below is the view coming down the mountain, the white is White Sands area of NW


WOYWW it must be Wednesday......

It is 5. 27pm  here in Kerrville on July 3 and I am preparing my WOYWW, ,   entry as tomorrow is a busy day.    this past 3 days were spent making the pages for a swap on  All things Tim called Summer travels.  It is  a 6x6 page swap.  A difficult size for me to work with for many reasons least of all finding cardstock.. The background is finished on all 15 and all that awaits is to add focal point and embellishments.  This is why tomorrow will be busy.....

We are setting off on a trip to Colorado if we can find somewhere fire and smoke free.  Wednesday we will be loading food and clothing.
This will be my work space

This is were supplies are stored, as i can easily reach this cabinet over the drivers head.

We do not have the AC running and it is about 95F today so i stuck the ink stamp pads in the refrigerator that is running but not cool enough for food. 

      So Stay tuned to life on the road with glue stick and inks
Have a great July4 everyo…