It must be Wednesday somewhere. WOYWW 165

This has been a busy week as I finished my swap for ATT Summer Travels here and mailed it off. Then completed Tuesday the Inkyrangers swap this is it  Hot August Nights.
here is my workspace with my new project , the chunky book page swap and the theme is Wine, Women and Song, the backgrounds this is for Sketchbook project 

On the window seat are the images torn from the Travel brochures from our Colorado trip.  I continue to work on the photos for the trip tagging them in Picasa.  on the window ledge are the Hot August Nights tags.  that was fun and finally i felt I made headway on backgrounds, this project is due Aug 15 so sometime after that i will put it on the blog.

My computer desk has some images that may be used in the Wine women and Song swap, not sure about these and a bag with something I will use.
   Right at the end of the ironing  board is silk noil fabric cut out for shorts and waiting to be sewn up.  the orange is tissue paper that needs to be put away.  the white  is part of a sample of silk ribbons, absolutely years old.

This is the Dyan catchment box.  it is where i spray Dylusions. A tag and a stencil remain along with a paper towel, a must with these sprays.
 A quick blurred shot of tripper oblivious to the possibility that if he stays there  he could be he could be shades of Bubblegum Pink, Postbox Red or Lemon Zest if he remains there.

Britain has really made the Olympics fun and US networks have made watching them the best available show on TV.   England look incredible and i love all the graffiti in the East End.

That's it for me.  I'm off to bed.  tripper is now destroying the room.  I cannot interpret the meows.


  1. Lots going on there. I like that. I get bored if i work too long on the same thing so like to have lots of choices. I think maybe you might think that way too!

  2. you have so much on the go,love it
    have a super woyww
    kay #82

  3. Tripper has a lot to get into--you have lots of projects going on!!

  4. Monica you're so busy! Loving the orange warm walls and the idea that Tipper will be a shade of bubblegum!!

  5. Love the start of those pages, lovely!! Trish #10

  6. Those backgrounds for sketchbook look fabulous and I love tripper!
    It is easy to get stuck watching the Olympics I find that too!

  7. what a lovely work room!! i'm very envious :)
    happy WOYWW!
    no 67

  8. Tripper as a modern art interpretation lol!! I think he's absolutely beautiful as he is. He's gorgeous.

    Those pages are juicy! Good enough to eat. Got to use one of our pizza boxes for spraying my Dylusions inks into... Everything is getting covered!

    Thanks for your comment - glad to hear someone else feels about used kitchen towels as I do lol! They're far too good to throw away. Thanks for the links - will check them out.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #7

    PS Any chance of getting rid of the dreaded word verification? Most of us don't use it any more as it slows everything down and is often really hard to read! Thanks!!

  9. You busy bee Monica... wee Tripper is having a great time! Glad you are enjoying the Olympics... lovin every moment of it... Hugs May x x x#12

  10. Wine, Women and Song sounds a bit like me yesterday!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a great time! So glad you are enjoying the Olympics, we are really proud of the way it's going and how wonderful London is looking.
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  11. Omg! What an amazing craft room you have, love it.

    Cath #110

  12. Looks like you're going for Olympic Crafting Gold there Monica! Not like America needs any more, lol! Love how the UK is looking for the games, hopefully it will generate revenue, more tourists and a good vibe for the country. Looks like Tripper is tripped out! Has he ever changed colour accidentally??!

    Brenda 3

  13. I keep showing up late. I bet I look as frazzled as Tripper, too. At least the project I've been working on for several weeks finally went live and I can relax and return a visit to to you, my friend. I really love those backgrounds on the table. My kind of color blending, too. I didn't play in WOYWW this week, but still had to stop by and tell you how sweet and thoughtful it is whenever you drop by my place!

  14. You are a busy girl! Love your orange walls...awesome!

  15. Wow, you have a whole heap of things going on! It looks great. I miss being away from the UK, especially with the Olympics going on -so jealous. Wasn't the opening ceremony fab?
    Have a great week.

  16. Hi Monica, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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