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HOME!  i really intended to write about our trip on the road and alas there was no WiFi in most of the places we stayed and when there was we were tired from walking around in the hi altitude!  here is a quick recap of the vacation in Colorado.

heading out west nearly all photos shot through front window

The RV with slides in

 the first night we headed to Cloudcroft NM, a mountain that rises to 9000 feet, out of the vast rolling hills of the dry plains.  Despite our downsizing they manage to make it "shortie" proof

Chris recovering from the 440 mile drive through high heat and then a torrential downpour that continued all night .  the day dawned bright and sunny.

The ride to Cloudcroft is slow and the land rises slowly.  We spent the night in Mayhill close to the base of the mountain.  next day we found a look out spot on the precipitous drive down.

And my desk

 the road ahead Blogger is now acting up!)
below is the view coming down the mountain, the white is White Sands area of NW

heading to Colorado.
  this is the second day and i am having a helluv a time with blogger,  refuses to keep the photos in order.  Lets face it after a while one mountain looks like the net so i think i will have a sort out of photos as plan one, keep them in the date file failed!


  1. Looks like you had a brilliant time on your road trip, although I don't think I would have enjoyed doing the driving on that hot and very wet night, well done Chris!


  2. Lovely photos -- and it looks like Chris was helped in his recovery by a bottle of vino!!

  3. Love those wide open blue skys!

  4. Wonderful pictures, am so glad your trip has beenso fulfilling - oh my, you r pictures show how vast the States really are.

  5. Hi Monica looks like you had a fantastic road trip. That RV is certainly home from home. We have a VW camper about half the size. I always sleep really well when we go away in it even though it's pretty small. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment you left about the children's art work after visiting my blog. It's very inspiring to read all the positive comments people have left. Have fun Toni x

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my desk :) Loved checking out these road trip snaps - and the unconventional desk :) Had to smile at the inkpads (and no food!) in the fridge in your other post! Have fun!

  7. Love your travelling desk. keep on crafting. Sandy :)

  8. Hey, this looks like a fun blog! I so want to travel like this someday.
    ´*•.¸(´*•.¸ * ¸.•*´)¸.•*´
    ¸.•*´(¸.•*´ * ´*•.¸)´*•.¸

  9. great life, RV bound and heading to the mountains, love that idea! Had a giggle at your little step stool, so how short....errrr....tall are you? lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :) #50

  10. I have to step on a stool OR a chair for everything, so I can definitely appreciate what you went through. I even have three step stools in my basement craft room.

    I totally appreciated your post, and love the mountain views. I see only flat land where I live, so a mountain is always fun.

    BTW, if you want to keep your photos in order, drag the TOP one that is out of order, and scroll down to where you want it. Don't try to move them upward, it doesn't work. Drag down and see if that helps.

    Thanks for the tip on my Zipper blog post. I have considered that, but many times I offer many more finished pages than I did this week. I'll oblige whenever I am making a single piece, but if I have multiple entries, it will be hard. However, thank you for the suggestion and I'll do whatever I can.

  11. Hey great vicarious trip - thanks for sharing and further down, the dresses for your babe are delightful! Lori de Froup

  12. Looks like you had an amazing trip Monica. Thanks so much for popping by my blog and joining as a follower. I'm going to return the favour and keep tabs on what you get up to: both craft wise and perhaps more wonderful photos of your adventures.
    Loved seeing that someone else is vertically challenged when it comes to reaching for things!!

  13. Looks like it was quite a trip! Love how amazing and wild parts of America are. Had to laugh about your cats and my ribbon holders, I'm sure they'd provide hours or endless fun!!


  14. Great photos. Glad you've had such a good trip!

    I'm desperately trying to complete the list and visit every desk from last week's WOYWW before midnight!! Hence the very belated happy WOYWW greeting from me,


  15. Your trip looks great! I think Iam getting too old to adventure!


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