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Nothing on my work space as we left for Elkart IN on Friday driving north across drought stricken fields of corn stretching from NE Texas, Arkansas,  the southern tip of Illinois and Indiana where the corn crop looked a little better as we moved northeast.  Our first day and night was rain drenched in Hope AK and the rain moving south left us in Little Rock.  Second night was in beautiful southern Illinois at the Little Grassy Campground on the edge of the Great City SP.  it is a section of the country where deep ravines cut into the rock and lakes and rivers lay hidden.  Elkart was where we bought the RV, so, it was into the Phoenix plant for some quick adjustment and we were off to Chicago.  
This is the view from our friends apartment on the 28th floor, my work space for a few days.  view east, Lakeshore Drive,Chicago

 north across the lake hello Canada
The view sort of west

Grant park to left and The museum of science and industry
So now off to walk Michigan Ave.


Two posts in one day really is a first for me.  Just winding up a few months of activity calls for round upin preparation for the restart.  We leave Friday in the RV for a few days with great friends and a haze of wine tastings and food.  
So whats on the work space today.  Today, windsup a frenzy of shorts making.  life now is shorts in summer, made by me and pants in winter; Chico's brand as they fit and no need to waste time finding something different for sitting in my studio/ office/atalier!!!  

the scene four pairs from Simplicity 2258 I love the turn up and button
A button for each pair.  All the red are vintage ;Silver is a whatever
The button will be sewn on and the turn-up basted or else the shorts mess up.  this will be a task as we travel north.

here is the Wednesday look.  The remaining pair of cut up shorts fabric, yellow, placed so i do not forget to make them on our return.  note book ready, as for this trip the travel journal will be a glue book of stuff collected during…


Swaps are a great way to get to know a group of people, share your art and if you have to make many pages, tags, cards etc a wonderful way to learn and practice new techniques which pop up daily in paper crafting on blogs.  even with a set theme it is often difficult coming up with an idea and to  form an image of what you want to create and, how to incorporate the "rules" of the host or group.  Some groups do not like participants to post their completed project until everyone receives their swap in the mail.   Over the past 3 to four months my world was awash in swaps.  My only documentation was a peep on  WOYWW , a fun, fun blog visiting group where every Wednesday we send out a blog  "What's on your workspace Wednesday".  So here is a catch-up of the bits and bobs I created in the last few months.

 Chunky book page swap for a yahoo group sketchbookproject/. 

Theme Black and White, i used fabric for this one.  

The theme, Time,   i used all the watches saved o…

WOYWW #166

this week may desk was covered in stuff for my chunky book swap Wine Women & Song, for the yahoo group Sketchbook Projects.  There were 9 people in the swap.  it seemed to take me days of trying different thing before the final idea came.  my stash of wine stickers and ephemera were empty,. so it was on to digital and scissors.  This followed  several days of finishing up the Hot August Nights tag Swap for All Things Tim.

both were a lot of fun and my head becomes completely engrossed in  a project, so tired at the end of the day.  As much as I aim for simplicity there is always lots of fuzzy in my productions.  In my other life I must have been the dresser for a grand diva.  

This, between watching the Olympics; although the interest in the Olympics has waned due to the TV coverage.  there is only so much Beach volley ball, basket ball, water polo and the like i can consume.  we really love cycling but this was a limited production.  I hope Colorado and the other cycling states pro…