Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WOYWW # 173

Time speeds up at this time of the year.  Busy crafting week and at last finished my Chicago travel brief book and my chunky swap.  Just finished working on the chunkys.  The theme was postage art.  My final was nothing like my original idea that was to do something with images of those fabulous saucy post cards of the 30s to 60s that were in every British seaside souvenir shop;   the kind your mother had a fit at because you always made a bee line for them. Amazing now the originals are museum pieces.  Donald  Mcgill is no  longer a dirty old man and now is recognized as an artist.  wonderful!! the snob elite must be horrified.  (somewhere read that the university of Kent payed for an exhibit of them).

well i changed my mind. the idea would not come together and to go digital when it appeared that the printer was about to run out of 4 cartridges pushed out that idea in favor of an idea to pay homage to a love letter written in Xmas 1917.  That's a copy of it in the front right hand corner.  the finished pages are over on the upper left.  When the recipients receive them my thoughts are to right about the letter and the people involved whose lives and deaths really impacted my life.

next is is a project called give a hand to a friend.  Will start tomorrow then take a break and ease off these swaps in favor of challenges as i really want to take the Mary Ann Moss that will come along later in the year.

the new dining table arrived and is now a resplendent addition to my kitchen/diner. The top is heavy red glass and it extends to seat 8.  Don't you love those chairs. The black thing is a fan and the bowl was a present from Kay   It has an interesting bottom it is angled so the bowl slopes.

well that's it for today pretty beat after a late night in San Antonio.
Try visiting some of the participant in WOYWW http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ .  Julia puts it Up Wednesday Brit time.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Here we are again happy as can be looking at everyone's workspace.  here is mine

  I get the messy prize, that is how i work.  I continue on with Travel book.  Managed to finish a tag birthday card and forgot to photo.  I know a little more about iPad and realize how everyone is able to be on FB all the time.  It sure was invented for mobile use.  iPad is not very good for writing the blog and I cannot download photos from big red  (iPad). this post was started on it then switched to PC and had a disaster with downloading photo from camera.

this week received swaps .  here is the Summer Travel book, Stacy Cook made everyone a front and back cover.  it really is terrific.  i am a lousy photographer.

 here are the hot summer nights tags

 here is the chunk book swap called Wine Women and Song

here is Corky Girl, i made one for everyone.

I think she has had a bit too much 

That's me for this week.
plan to visit as many as possible and see if I can leave a comment from iPad. oh I found how to stop that dumb message "sent from my iPad".  Do we care is you sent it by carrier pigeon, vulture or hummingbird!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WOYWW 171 a elated

Yesterday, Monday, I received a belated birthday present, an iPad 3. So today, Tuesday, was spent trying to control it.  As I am NOT the owner of an iPhone or smartphone I have no experience with touch screen or how to operate it.  Late yesterday I started this post on Big red (iPad).  Cannot work camera or know how to post so back to Smithy, my laptop.  Yesterday, after many hours on iPad3 and Smithy, trying to "get it", picked up where I left off on making a travel journal.  So work top looks like a war zone.

and here is my new toy iPad3.  By next week hope to know a little more on how to use it.  I have been able to set up Google.  yes they do sort of set it up for you in the Apple Shop though you really need to have passwords with you and that was really set up in the belief that people buying it would really have iPhone, a Mac or iPad.  

I have reset passwords so many times before realizing that verification came on Smithy and finally calmed down.  For all you older folks on the trailing edge of technology.  We golden oldies can learn to use it and touch screen is super easy.  

Now on out for my 2 mile walk while it is cool then back to learning.  if you have never visited before stop by an check  Julia, and find out how to check out what everyone does all week across the world.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

WOYWW #170

I missed last week of WOYWW  (If you want to join in visit Julia)  as we had no WiFi in Missouri at my friends house and she has an ancient system so I decided to miss last week and once home it was laundry and catch up on everything.  So here is the worktop today

The tags are based on the background design and technique of Tammy Tutterow a very talented artist who is also interested in silk ribbon embroidery.  This is something i enjoyed before carpal tunnel.  I have tons of ribbon and so decided to use her instructions and make a tag in using her idea.  She first stamped with a stamp and ink I do not have so I found a stencil from Artists Cellar using acrylics.  I found a foam tool to stamp with and finally got it.  Since it was a background I was not worried about the blurry edges. I them swiped each tag with Pick Fence Stain, the only supply i have she used!  While  it's drying I decided to write this need to finish by next week.  Oh good my helper (hinderer) is leaving

My swap for Summer Travel hosted by Stacy Cook on ATT returned and it is quite splendid.  The idea was to use the book as a travel journal and fill it with personal travel items.  That would spoil it.  So now need to also get working on 2 travel books.

That's it for #170 see you next week.  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Destinations not the Journey

 When you travel to a specific place for a vacation it is often best to get there by the fastest route.  Finally my DH got it.  Meandering around thousands of miles of cornfields, especially cornfields ruined by drought is better raced through as fast as possible even if that means doing the "interstate battle".   This is how it was on the trip north to Indiana and Chicago.  Coming back we took off down I55, I80 and I57 and finally I44 to Carthage MO.  Chicago was spectacular in weather and just being Chicago.  We visit Carthage to see my friend Ruth and her hubby, Ron.  they drove us to the museum in Bentonville AR, headquarters for WalMart and the incredible  Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  it is by far one of the best Museums I have visited both in the art displayed, the manner in which the galleries are laid out, and the descriptions of the the art and then there is the architecture.  magnificent.  We want to return and do the outside where there are walks with sculptures. 

 View of a gallery from a path

Now if you think collage is new then think again.  The upper picture is called The Cross of Gold and was painted in 1896 by Victor Dubriel.  the lower is called Small Change by John Haberle in 1887.  both are political statements about then current concerns 

This Nick Cave  (artist) piece is called Soundsuit; it is a mannequin covered in black with noise makers welded to a frame around his body. below is close up of the legs.

This is a self portrait sculpture in a polymer of some sort of the artist. it really was incredible.

this was everyone's favorite. Devorah Sperber (go to this sight and to  see this work) In front is a glass ball and when you look through it you see American Gothic, sort of.  the ball face a structure created by spools of thread.  

this is the cafe where they sell wine and beer along with some fine food.  Very sophisticated for the USA and Arkansas.

It is all from Ann Walton's collections of art.  the gallery is free.  Some special exhibits they charge for.

So here we are home again and it is hot, hot hot.