The Destinations not the Journey

 When you travel to a specific place for a vacation it is often best to get there by the fastest route.  Finally my DH got it.  Meandering around thousands of miles of cornfields, especially cornfields ruined by drought is better raced through as fast as possible even if that means doing the "interstate battle".   This is how it was on the trip north to Indiana and Chicago.  Coming back we took off down I55, I80 and I57 and finally I44 to Carthage MO.  Chicago was spectacular in weather and just being Chicago.  We visit Carthage to see my friend Ruth and her hubby, Ron.  they drove us to the museum in Bentonville AR, headquarters for WalMart and the incredible  Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  it is by far one of the best Museums I have visited both in the art displayed, the manner in which the galleries are laid out, and the descriptions of the the art and then there is the architecture.  magnificent.  We want to return and do the outside where there are walks with sculptures. 

 View of a gallery from a path

Now if you think collage is new then think again.  The upper picture is called The Cross of Gold and was painted in 1896 by Victor Dubriel.  the lower is called Small Change by John Haberle in 1887.  both are political statements about then current concerns 

This Nick Cave  (artist) piece is called Soundsuit; it is a mannequin covered in black with noise makers welded to a frame around his body. below is close up of the legs.

This is a self portrait sculpture in a polymer of some sort of the artist. it really was incredible.

this was everyone's favorite. Devorah Sperber (go to this sight and to  see this work) In front is a glass ball and when you look through it you see American Gothic, sort of.  the ball face a structure created by spools of thread.  

this is the cafe where they sell wine and beer along with some fine food.  Very sophisticated for the USA and Arkansas.

It is all from Ann Walton's collections of art.  the gallery is free.  Some special exhibits they charge for.

So here we are home again and it is hot, hot hot.  


  1. Funny - I had to read your title twice because I'm so used to seeing, "It's the journey, not the destination" in art circles. But you are so right -- when traveling, many times it's the destination and NOT the journey! I am astonished at that self-portrait bust. I suspect he cut off his head and stuck it on a shelf.

  2. Wow, really interesting art :) The polymer self portrait is amazing, so life like. And the Devorah Sperber artwork is spectacular - how clever is that?!

    Looks like you had a lovely time away.

    Try and keep cool,


  3. Of course going to visit family is that way. But the destination is often the main thing. What an amazing gallery. Even the outside is amazing.


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