Here we are again happy as can be looking at everyone's workspace.  here is mine

  I get the messy prize, that is how i work.  I continue on with Travel book.  Managed to finish a tag birthday card and forgot to photo.  I know a little more about iPad and realize how everyone is able to be on FB all the time.  It sure was invented for mobile use.  iPad is not very good for writing the blog and I cannot download photos from big red  (iPad). this post was started on it then switched to PC and had a disaster with downloading photo from camera.

this week received swaps .  here is the Summer Travel book, Stacy Cook made everyone a front and back cover.  it really is terrific.  i am a lousy photographer.

 here are the hot summer nights tags

 here is the chunk book swap called Wine Women and Song

here is Corky Girl, i made one for everyone.

I think she has had a bit too much 

That's me for this week.
plan to visit as many as possible and see if I can leave a comment from iPad. oh I found how to stop that dumb message "sent from my iPad".  Do we care is you sent it by carrier pigeon, vulture or hummingbird!!!!


  1. They are all great and very colorful!

  2. I loved my chunky swap tags! And those little cork ladies were divine!

  3. Hi Monica - oh you messy pup :) What fabby corks - and I adore the colour of your own hair BTW. Happy WOYWW, Di xx #81

    PS, I beat Julia 'cos no way was I waiting until the early hours to link in so I published and hopped into bed. It was much easier in the USA :) xx

  4. Hi Monica, your desk is certainly colourful and that means your a happy crafter. I've fallen in love with your corky girl, I think she is brilliant. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xx 4

  5. Hi Monica what a lovely lot of crafty talent on display. I love the ruler binding of the summer travel book - what a cool idea. Have a great week and Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 102

  6. Lots of inspiration on your blog. Hugs Pam #83

  7. You have some great looking things there and a very industrious looking desk.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #93.

  8. I like the hot summer nights tags AWESOME!!!Maybe because I am a summer baby! TFS Tamika #139

  9. Great colourful creations. If it makes you feel better I have had my ipad since they lauched them and still struggle. I always write blog pages from my laptop less stressful lol
    Amanda J @129 x

  10. Busy crafty desk, lots of fabulous makes to feast our eyes on...love the summer travel book... have a happy week, Hugs May x x x #7

  11. GREAT DESK!! loving the creativity. Corky girl is my fav. I have a large bowl full of wine corks and now I am going to borrow your idea and make some corky girls for a couple of my wine drinking friends, as gifts, or gift tags. Thanks

  12. What fabulous projects!
    And I love corky girl :)
    Need to remember that idea for girl's night out!
    Mary Jo #115

  13. What a great busy workdesk. It was lovely to visit today.
    Sue x (MiniOwner #86)

  14. Beautiful work--I love those summer tags! And that Corky Girl is awesome! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #36

  15. Yup, you get the messy award, but look what all that mess created, it's brilliant! Love the cork, lots of fun. I think the dies matching stamps is a brilliant idea, but it could just be another method of making us spend more money!!

    Brenda 1

  16. Hi, Monica! I'm so happy to meet another creative and visit your wonderful, juicy blog! I'm glad you found my travel journal pages. It really is uncanny how beautifully my memorabilia suits my pre-painted backgrounds. I love how that happens. I'm looking forward to grabbing a mug-o-coffee and browsing through your site. I really like your "hot summer nights" tags and other images. Thanks for following!

  17. Happy to meet you, Monica! Thanks for following. I've enjoyed my visit here and your images are wonderful. I really like your "hot summer nights" tags! I'm glad you found my travel journal info helpful - can't wait to see what you come up with :o)


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