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WOYWW #178

Really nothing as this is a very frustrating week with the refrigerator out and only a final agreement Monday to send a check for it. This time we went to Sears as they have really helpful sales people. This was a saleswoman and she knew all the pros and cons of every brand and help me decide to abandon my search for a Kitchenaid that was not available for another month and to go with a single door bottom freezer and minimum bells and whistles. After reading all the complaints on just about every brand I came to the conclusion that it is all a roll of the dice. At least Sears has their own repair service.This is the work are of yesterday, my fried Deanies studio, a stand alone building filled with goodies.

Today i borrowed desk and i am checking a new book by Judith Montano
Deanie is a fiber artist, she hates to be called an artist. She works machine, hand embroidery,sewing and beading as well as weaving and dying fabric and yarn.

I showed her my paper flowers and we talked yeste…

Problem Solved

Ok this is another in the series of the air is blue here and I am fed up with this. As a person who only learns by errors ...... I think Blogsy can only publish photos from one source in a post. I was trying to include Picasa and iPad photo stream in one post. It also pisses the hell outta me that iPad always tries to correct the spelling of Blogsy. It must be male

Here is the post of me at Charlotte.

Now why is it over there. At this stage it can do twirls.

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Friday frustration attempt 3

This is the third one I do not know where in cyber space these posts go but there is a very tenuous line on an iPad when dithery finger and the lightening speed of what you don' t want to happen happens.

The question of the skeletons. They were bought at Dollar Tree for $1 years ago and managed to disappearing until Halloween or DOD was over. They were bought to be dismembered an used for my Hipster book. The book was to be a funny encounter with surgery and hip replacement but too much pain killer effectively killed the project along with the disappearing skeletons.

Their legs move at the hip. I had greatly plans to make a doctor standing in front of a shelf full of parts.

As this is a practice run I will now post this photo from Picasa of me at Charlotte in a mock up of a car and the special seat. For this I was sot required to climb through the window or they would still be getting me out.

Ok removed that'll to to see of it will post with the one from iPad.

Now to see i…


This is my third try to post on BLOGSY . Frustrating week all round. At least I made a tag sorted by inks and started on paper flowers. Here is my desk

Trying to make paper flowers. Here they are drying.

That is them scrounged up. Now will try to post.

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Here we go again

Here we are at a show room This I'd from picasa
This is from iPad phot stream

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WOYWW # 176

Here I am sitting with iPad on knee heading to Athens TX after NASCAR in Charlotte NC. It is a 3 day travel trip and we were 3 days at Concord the actual track sight.  Technically it is Tuesday.  On arrival I discovered my purse was missing then received an email from Collins Street Bakery replying that the.y had it and had tried to reach me for 2 days! That is what happens when you travel in an RV with all meals in the fridge.  The next evening, at the track and my first photo try of iPad I had a message of neighbor sue that the refrigerator freezer went kaput.   So home late tomorrow and clean up + a lot of fury as it is less than 3 years old.
So my knee desk

Whoops cannot add from iPad.  What a hassle to transfer photo to my PC so that i can post.  Someone commented and gave me the name of an app but it is for word press.

here it is Desk in motion.

Maybe this will work

I have sort of discovered how to use Picasa so here goes

2 photos of my workspace and what I was working on and below is my covers for my Chicago trip.
Not sure what I am doing here. 

I discovered how to write it on iPad 3 but I am correcting it on PC.  A quick shot of Tripper racing down the hall.  Unable to see that this was on the iPad.  Obviously there is a better way or maybe it works better on a PC.

So i may be able to post next week when we travel.

WOYWW # 174 iPad challenges

I cannot load iPad photos to my blog. So my plans to write and post photos has been dashed.  need i add that hours have gone into trying to do stuff on the iPad.  Yesterday was a small Victory when i found the dam thing get befuddled when i try to update more than one app at a time.  Like me it does not multitask.  
  my work space taken on iPad, sent to me and opened in PC and then saved!
Now that is one awful photo.  It shows the book cover of our trip to Breaux Bridges (back in April) and one of the necklaces that is thrown to the crowd.  I am planning on breaking it up and gluing the crawfish to the cover.

it has been a busy week as i finished up two projects mailed them off, forgetting to photograph them; fixing tags to use as pages on next week's trip to NASCAR in Charlotte NC.  and making progress in tidying office.  I do plan to post later in week.  My goal is to try and write on the road.

Now back to Big Red to see if I can fathom out how to get photo's off the iCloud and…