Friday frustration attempt 3

This is the third one I do not know where in cyber space these posts go but there is a very tenuous line on an iPad when dithery finger and the lightening speed of what you don' t want to happen happens.

The question of the skeletons. They were bought at Dollar Tree for $1 years ago and managed to disappearing until Halloween or DOD was over. They were bought to be dismembered an used for my Hipster book. The book was to be a funny encounter with surgery and hip replacement but too much pain killer effectively killed the project along with the disappearing skeletons.

Their legs move at the hip. I had greatly plans to make a doctor standing in front of a shelf full of parts.

As this is a practice run I will now post this photo from Picasa of me at Charlotte in a mock up of a car and the special seat. For this I was sot required to climb through the window or they would still be getting me out.

Ok removed that'll to to see of it will post with the one from iPad.

Now to see if the blog will post and onto the st exam punk/grunge tag and paper flowers.



  1. Monica, you are nothing if not persistent. Good for you! I enjoy seeing your attempts almost as much as reading your posts.

  2. haha, love the skeletons and their story! Your efforts on Blogsy are, I have to say, highly entertaining to me (and I know hugely frustrating for you!).

    Keep 'em coming :)



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