Maybe this will work

I have sort of discovered how to use Picasa so here goes

2 photos of my workspace and what I was working on and below is my covers for my Chicago trip.

Not sure what I am doing here. 

I discovered how to write it on iPad 3 but I am correcting it on PC.  A quick shot of Tripper racing down the hall.  Unable to see that this was on the iPad.  Obviously there is a better way or maybe it works better on a PC.

So i may be able to post next week when we travel.


  1. is that a handmade card in that nice envelope! hmmm, i wish i could see it... cheers, melinda alpha #145

  2. Bleubeard is jealous of Tripper. He never looks this good in photos unless I catch him off guard. Tripper's a natural.

    I'll be watching for your trip to NASCAR and hope you will be able to post. If not, I'll visit when you get back!

  3. Go you! Lots of kudos for trying new things!!

  4. Have a great trip, Monica! Can't wait to see how your travel journal turns out :o)

  5. Have a great trip! Looking forward to seeing your travel journal :o)


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