Problem Solved

Ok this is another in the series of the air is blue here and I am fed up with this. As a person who only learns by errors ...... I think Blogsy can only publish photos from one source in a post. I was trying to include Picasa and iPad photo stream in one post. It also pisses the hell outta me that iPad always tries to correct the spelling of Blogsy. It must be male

Here is the post of me at Charlotte.

Now why is it over there. At this stage it can do twirls.



  1. Great picture - how on earth did you get in and out of that thing?!

    I have to admire your persistence with Blogsy, which has SO got to be male!!!


  2. What is that thing yoursitting in? and YES BLOGSY is definately male and hard to get along with.

  3. Looks pretty comfortable. I'm ready for a nap.

  4. I've given up trying to blog from iPad, and indeed, often can't comment or correct stuff in a comment box because iPad and google wont shake hands. Drives me nuts. Moans aside...what are you sitting in? Did it take you somewhere ?!!

  5. This is the frame for a race car seat.

  6. Hi Monica, you asked me about the sewing I did on a card for Make My Monday. I think the stitch length was 3 but not one hundred percent sure! When stitching on card, I do tend to lengthen the stitch because of the holes the needle makes: too close together and they act as perforations and things start to fall apart. Hope that's useful to you. I like stitching on craft now, I think it adds an extra dimension and finishing touch.
    Great picture by the way!!
    Thanks for your support on my blog.
    Best regards,


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