WOYWW # 176

Here I am sitting with iPad on knee heading to Athens TX after NASCAR in Charlotte NC. It is a 3 day travel trip and we were 3 days at Concord the actual track sight.  Technically it is Tuesday.  On arrival I discovered my purse was missing then received an email from Collins Street Bakery replying that the.y had it and had tried to reach me for 2 days! That is what happens when you travel in an RV with all meals in the fridge.  The next evening, at the track and my first photo try of iPad I had a message of neighbor sue that the refrigerator freezer went kaput.   So home late tomorrow and clean up + a lot of fury as it is less than 3 years old.
So my knee desk

Whoops cannot add from iPad.  What a hassle to transfer photo to my PC so that i can post.  Someone commented and gave me the name of an app but it is for word press.

here it is Desk in motion.


  1. Wow your so lucky that the bakery found it and tried to find you...
    Wow NASCAR that sounds like fun does your husband race?
    Have a great day and safe travels...


  2. How wonderful that someone returned your purse! It gives me some hope for mankind.

  3. Blogpress app lets you add photos, that's what we use for the ipad. I think it was only 69p too

  4. I left my handbag in a taxi in Corfu (when we were on holiday) and the taxi driver drove all the way back to the hotel to return it. He wouldn't take anything for his trouble/honesty/kindness, but as the hotel staff knew him we left a gift with them to give to him when they next saw him.

    BAD fridge :(


  5. Oh honey...so glad they found your purse! I am always on the hopeful side that good will prevails!
    Poor you...cleaning a spoiled fridge is a horrid job...What about warranty?
    See ya next week!

  6. Excellent desk! I get car sick when I try that, bleah, but looks like you're coming along fabulously!!

    #137 this week

  7. Have you tried BLOGSY. I use iPad and it is brilliant. Sounds a stressful time. Hope it all sorts itself out
    FAMFA (12)

  8. Fabulous - a travelling workdesk! So lucky that your purse fell into good hands, and what a relief... Enjoy your travels and belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  9. I would feel so naked without my purse! How nice that someone could track you down to let you know its whereabouts. I can't imagine a traveling desk. For sure I'd leave some important bit behind. How great that it is there for you though.

  10. Oh my, Monica! Glad your purse was recovered and sorry to hear about the freezer. All I can say is "breathe deep"!


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