WOYWW #178

Really nothing as this is a very frustrating week with the refrigerator out and only a final agreement Monday to send a check for it. This time we went to Sears as they have really helpful sales people. This was a saleswoman and she knew all the pros and cons of every brand and help me decide to abandon my search for a Kitchenaid that was not available for another month and to go with a single door bottom freezer and minimum bells and whistles. After reading all the complaints on just about every brand I came to the conclusion that it is all a roll of the dice. At least Sears has their own repair service.This is the work are of yesterday, my fried Deanies studio, a stand alone building filled with goodies.

Today i borrowed desk and i am checking a new book by Judith Montano

Deanie is a fiber artist, she hates to be called an artist. She works machine, hand embroidery,sewing and beading as well as weaving and dying fabric and yarn.

I showed her my paper flowers and we talked yesterday. Tomorrow I will post a birthday tag.  well that depends on Blogsy and Google who appear to be NOT on speaking terms and having spats.  After 5 tries i must have caught a moment of reconciliation.

PS the delivery is now 2 hours late.


  1. I have had very good luck with Sears appliances. I hope you do, too!

  2. WOW what a great person to know. There are so many things done with fabric that can be translated unto paper. CAn't wait to see your tag.

  3. I think that is the way with most pieces of equipment these days. Nothing is built to last, often just until the day after the guarantee runs out. I love the colours in your jumper, by the way, so pretty. Have a good week. xx Maggie #42

  4. I sometimes think that the simplest appliances are the best - there's less to go wrong with them. We have the freezer bottom/fridge top model and it works well for us ... at least I don't have to bend down to reach for the milk :) Love Deanie's studio - I think I would have fun there. Happy belated WOYWW, Elizabeth x #76

  5. I have heard of Sears ...its meant to be anamazing store ...wish we had them. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that half the 'extras' on applliances are a waste of time and we rarely use them and certainly dont need them. As long as it does the job ...thats whats important. xx#101

  6. Just popping by with a late hello and a wave. :o) Love that tag.
    Sue x (MiniOwner @98)

  7. The book looks interesting and I like the ART on the next post.
    have fun
    Carol #136

  8. Aww bless you and the troubles you are having at the moment...

    Maybe you'll become a helpdesk expert?? LOL

    Thanks for stopping by!


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