Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WOYWW Nov 27

On my workspace are Distress Stains in bright colors. Hope they simplify covering with color. As much as I like Dylusions it always results in paints everywhere so i thought I would give this a try.

A fast week, well faster than usual with the Thanksgiving holiday that we spent in Mission TX at an RV park next to a state park, famous for birding. My bird is an orange Altamira oriole.

 The park has many volunteers an great bird watching spots. All the birds are high performers, total hams. The famous green jays are so bossy.

 The chachalakas are the clowns, running around, up and down trees and so noisy

. Great place for Thanksgiving with friends Kate and Dennis.  Kate is an incredible cook.  She has a garden so always whips up great meals.  they travel in an Airstream.

Finished travel journal and now on to tags: managed to spend time with neighbor Carol and her visiting Mom, MarVee, playing with inks and stamps. Showed them how I made flowers and they both created some beautiful cards.

Writing this on iPad at doctors office. Will have to post then ad images at home as edit as they were downloaded on PC.  Shot in hip and home with an ice pack.  Hope it fixes bursa

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Finally, finished my Colorado Travel Memories and cleared my desk; now to dump all the paper as tomorrow we head out for Thanksgiving at Bentsen Palms RV Park in Mission TX.

here it is.  The idea comes from a You tube video by Steff Miller.  Using Prima Paper and embellishment she created a beautiful book.  Mine is a little different.  I have written this post 4 times and Blogger had a fit and DID It Its's way!!!!!

Spine and outside cover 


bend your neck as if in Yoga for this one!!! it is the fold out accordion book from page above.

ran out of steam for Pagosa Springs where we splashed around in the various hot water pools.  

Flap folded out.

Homeward bound and a last day in  a favorite place, Santa Fe NM


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Well waiting for a post from Julie, not quite Wednesday in UK.  Julie had the mad idea to have people write a post with photos to show what is on their desk every Wednesday then all visit each others desk and leave comments.  it is so interesting and so many talented people worldwide and even some others with messy desks.  Hurrah

A busy week not helped by bursitis in my hip, painful standing or sitting.  Good news fingers work.

My desk as usual, a cacophony of ideas abandoned and developed.  here is a page in the Colorado travel journal

   A takeover of my seat

Pages 2 and 3.  I found a video on Prima on making an accordion book. that I adjusted .  I do not have any of their papers so had to improvise.  So instead of beautiful designed expensive paper i am using mail junk and all manner of re-purposed bits and pieces.

Well time for dinner as i just spent another art day with Deanie.  She is producing so much beautiful fiber work.

Discovered that my problem posting on Blogsy was due to my router and WiFi speed.  you are all correct, it is a great app and so inexpensive.  now when we travel Ican post when we have WiFi.
 Lance one of the developers of Blogsy is so very helpful and patient and guided me through resolving the problems and understanding my iPad.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WOYWW More for the travel book

It is again WOYWW, a sort of round robin for blogs site where you show your messy desk, then go off and look at others desks and what crafters around the world make. It is the brain child of Julia. She is at stamping-ground.blogspot.com.

After a disastrous week of trying to make Blogsy work on iPad I am trying again with iPad photos only this weekend i cleaned up my PC so we shall see if it is OK if not that it is on to checking the WiFi.

I do not know quite what direction to take with this journal. We went to Colorado in July and I was too busy to make a journal. I really want it to be just a small book about the whole trip. For some reason there are few momentoes and my notes are scant. Originally the idea was to make it a photo journal on line and tag all the photos as we went along. That was not done. There are 650 photos. I want to make them into a slide show and leave it there.

Above the windowseat  with the collection of information to go in the journal,  all from free travel flyers and booklets.

 Just need an idea of where to start and I can get going. Mary Ann Moss will announce a new class on travel journals shortly and I plan on taking it. I would prefer to use that journal for future travel. 

Now for the desk, to the left the journal , various glues, and stuff, lots of stuff.  Yes came up with an idea after watching Prima Marketing video by Stephanie Miller.  She would probably croak if she saw this

And the floor, I was so glued up I just through it down there.  It is a map of Colorado, free and made of a stretch paper that went soggy with the white glue.  The book started with heavy board used as give-aways at NASCAR for the driver fans.  It should have been covered first.  

So the  accordion book will be the travel journal.  i posted this in Blogsy and came back to edit in PC.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Try try 5

Here we are again this time after updating blogger and re setting in Blogsy.




Thursday, November 1, 2012

Testing 4

NASCAR Charlotte posted fromPicasa



Testing 3

This is trying with drag and drop photo loading.


Two photos from camera role aka photo library


Testing try2 with photos

Trying with photos from Picasa envelope

Now to post

Testing blog try

If you came from WOYWW go to the post prior to this one as I am trying to correct a problem and this is not a real post.