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It is again WOYWW, a sort of round robin for blogs site where you show your messy desk, then go off and look at others desks and what crafters around the world make. It is the brain child of Julia. She is at stamping-ground.blogspot.com.

After a disastrous week of trying to make Blogsy work on iPad I am trying again with iPad photos only this weekend i cleaned up my PC so we shall see if it is OK if not that it is on to checking the WiFi.

I do not know quite what direction to take with this journal. We went to Colorado in July and I was too busy to make a journal. I really want it to be just a small book about the whole trip. For some reason there are few momentoes and my notes are scant. Originally the idea was to make it a photo journal on line and tag all the photos as we went along. That was not done. There are 650 photos. I want to make them into a slide show and leave it there.

Above the windowseat  with the collection of information to go in the journal,  all from free travel flyers and booklets.

 Just need an idea of where to start and I can get going. Mary Ann Moss will announce a new class on travel journals shortly and I plan on taking it. I would prefer to use that journal for future travel. 

Now for the desk, to the left the journal , various glues, and stuff, lots of stuff.  Yes came up with an idea after watching Prima Marketing video by Stephanie Miller.  She would probably croak if she saw this

And the floor, I was so glued up I just through it down there.  It is a map of Colorado, free and made of a stretch paper that went soggy with the white glue.  The book started with heavy board used as give-aways at NASCAR for the driver fans.  It should have been covered first.  

So the  accordion book will be the travel journal.  i posted this in Blogsy and came back to edit in PC.


  1. Some friends asked me to sort their holiday memorabilia, so I made a picture montage and framed it

  2. I have the same problem with my travels. I end up with big folded maps, receipts that have printing that magically disappears when I try to glue them, and too many photos. I'm looking forward to Mary Ann's class, too. Her travel journals always look so nice.

    One thing that did work was printing a book through Apple with some of the photos from my trip to Italy. There was a place to include a little text with each photo, and I could pick the background. It didn't cost too much.

  3. WoW you sure do have a lot of brochures from your trip, I hope you find the perfect way to bind them as a collention.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #1

  4. Can't wait to see some of your travel journal. I still have family in Colorado, and return for visits when I can, just love that State.
    Krisha #45

  5. Wow, you've got some travel brochures, lady! Good luck with making them into a travel journal (I've never made one of them so I'll be very interested to see how you get on with your new class).


  6. Looks like you've got a lot of work and a lot of sifting to do there Monica!! My only suggestion would be taking it one step at a time - maybe your favourite day or stand out moment? Good luck and please keep us all up to date with your progress. Hugs, Buttons #96


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