Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ticket to Venice Journal

Continuing my travel journal with   Mary Ann Moss. (fab class very different, not a hand holder).  this class is Ticket to Venice 

 The signatures were long in the making as my stash had no paper larger than 12 X 12, the covers are 8x10.  This meant creating pages, adding flaps, pockets, lots of angst and remaking.   I have avoided book binding of any sort as it demands more tools and special supplies.  My room/studio is bursting at the seams with tools and supplies from all the various crafts that were embraced with great enthusiasm in a class than dropped for the next fad.  So I embarked on the class with the sole purpose of abstracting from it the thought processes and the creative process to expand my travel journal expertise.  Since my journals are usually made after the trip with photos, notes, ephemera, and endless pages torn from catalogs and brochures obtained at state welcome centers and tourist information centers along the way this was quite a shift in operations.   Mary Ann Moss  makes the journal before and fills some along the way, returning home to complete it.  The binding she shows is a Double Diamond that is described as difficult.  If you do beading weaving it is not.  

Here the three signatures ready for the binding.  All made easy by using the recommended Japanese Screw Punch.  The signature on the left is a stiff fan page of a racing driver.   

here is the binding that I made as I did not have the book tape recommended.  So I made tape using fabric and some old double sided adhesive tape to attach it to the sides of the book covers.

This is inside the book cover, on the left front a clear plastic pocket and another opaques on the back cover.  (See what i mean by catalog scraps.  NASCAR is very generous with paper goods just waiting to be re-purposed.)

here the start of the stitching.   

 The finished book showing the 3 signatures. See the holes thats from using the Japanese Screw Punch, a winner and bound to be used for yeasr.   Bonnies Best is where i bought Screw Punch

And this is the finished binding.  It is a bit too big but i am assured by my fellow traveling journalers that it will be OK, there are many ways to add on.  I should say that the class participants are so friendly and helpful.

This journal was to be a travel journal for 2013, recording all our journeys in the RV.  Now that I can see the size and see what additional signatures will include it has become a journal for 2013, detailing our life, in a casual manner (not a daily ritual).  Our "Doings".  When you retire people always ask but "what do you do all the time".  NO ONE understands, they want a title, a pigeon hole.  I play with arts and crafts; my current interest is tags, inks rubber stamping, die cutting as well as journaling, a bit of stitching, well a bit of this and a bit of that.   Never do they understand and, frankly my dear i don't give a dam.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WOYWW #185

Here we are another week looking into the lives of crafters around the globe.  this week with great difficulty my desk was cleaned off only to reemerge into it's normal state a few hours later.  This is because I  started an on line class with Mary Ann Moss of remains Of Day fame.  This one is called Ticket To Venice and over the next six weeks we will follow her journey to Venice and the making of a travel journal, and on her return how she completes the process.  Like a peep into her mind.  The class is made up of many very experienced bookmakers and travel journal makers.  My reason for taking this class is to expand my travel journal making experience.  it is a solitary pursuit and it is easy to get in a rut.

 I am not into vintage and do not want to make a fantasy trip to Venice.  My decision is to make a travel book for all 2013 and fill it along the way. 
 Her first step is to make a cover, the opposite to me.  In fact my books are made when i return so this is forcing me into a new modus operendi.  Back to the workspace, so out came everything.  In my stash were discovered these 2 Cabela's catalogs so the covers were torn off to be covered and form the basis of my book. Played all afternoon and no great idea so tomorrow will start early and fiddle around.  May just partially cover it and attach other stuff later.   happily found some interesting paper to make signatures so hoping in that area to speed up the process.  Our first trip will probably be in Feb.

  the finished journal will be much bigger than usual  as this is 8 x 10

Well on to Christmas and a new year celebrations.  Do you have all the wonderful foods in Britain or have Christmas cakes with marzipan and icing been replaced with sponge and butter creme.  I have bought some Robertson's mincemeat and will try to find more in San Antonio this week as I need it for our supper club after Christmas.  love a nice port and a mince pie.

I have said nothing about the tragedy in Connecticut   it is too painful to write about and images are infiltrating my dreams.  

WOYWW #186

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Another week and here we are at the madness started by Julia at Stamping-ground. I really enjoy my visits to work-desks around the world and get a real kick visiting UK. Here is this weeks desk.

There was a lot of activity, this past seven days as I started  the Ellen Houston 12 Tags of Christmas...... and the realization hit that that this was a very time consuming task as most of the time was deciding how to  improvise on tag. Added  to that some of them were styles that were not "my thing" and the materials were not in my possession. All the designers use a large number of Copics, something I do not possess.  most of all a lot more time was spent reading that doing as i just had to visit each designers blog and look at every designers work.  There are some great tags that looked relatively simple. Simple is a nice word that means care and planning, it should set of an alarm in my brain "Not for a slob like you".   So on my desk you see the three on the left above the red tags.(I posted and wrote about them a few days ago) Below them is  playing with felt and on the right the Hand Swap organized by Annna at a yahoo group.  A fun swap that not only had i forgotten all about I had not made one for me, ( if I did it is back in the secret place),  and had to have someone send me a copy of my hand.  imagine forgetting after making 9 of them.

Well now back to the tag I can post next week for ATT that has gone very wrong.

All this high activity in the studio is supplemented by high activity in the kitchen.  with the advent of cool weather I go nuts.  Made a lemon meringue pie last Saturday as a friend gave me Meyer Lemons.  Yummy.  As the temperature dropped from 70 F to 30 F (21 C to -1) soup and slow oven cooked stuff is on the menu   Tonight is a cheesy hamburger roasted soup.  Better go start it.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tag 5 and 6 of the 12 Tags of....

This is another Tag 5. It really is a learning experience as I do not copy well.

12 Tags of Christmas with a Feminine Twist, Now for todays tag. Julia Stainton made a 3D tag using a Tim Holtz die the snowflake rosette. Of course I do not have it. So I just read through her directions and just added my own twist. You could say twisted idea!

I managed to emboss the card, again no snowflake embossing folder so used a circles then i swiped it with a pink dabber, embossed it with powder and forgot to tap the excess off so when the heat gun was applied it flew all over me. The flower is from tattered floral cut out of old book pages sprayed with Dyan Reavery's purple, crushed grape . The leaves are felt and the photo is not coming up vertical

Think the mess needs a tidy up. Tomorrow is lemon meringue pie day.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day6 12 tags of......

I may never catch up and get the first 4 done. This was easier but I must redo as I have some great ideas.

This is my rendition of Teri Anderson's 12 tags of Christmas with a feminine twist. I used some of the fiber in my collection from my days in fiber and embellishment. Just love mixing fiber, paper, glitter and glue. I made a couple more trees and tomorrow will make a tag then edit this post and adding them to it, that is to keep them on the same post. It is very gratifying to feel that the two tags completed so far are a super learning experience and make me so happy.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tag 5 12 tags of Christmas with a Feminine twist

This is my first try at one of these on line challenges. This is inspired by Kittie Caraccolo
The web page is Ellen Hutson the classroom. I now have a growing list of goodies I would like to buy from this site so will keep it until the end of the challenge. I now have the 4 previous ones to make. How do people rush this stuff out so fast. Maybe if I had die cuts then I could speed it up.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Julie set up this scheme called Whats On your Worktop Wednesday, so we could all mosey around the desks  of crafters, artist or whatever title blows your skirt up around the globe.  It is a legal addiction.    This gives some of us the satisfaction that we are not the only messy workers in the world and everyone has petulant muses at one time or another.  
Here is my work space sort of cleaned off .  As usual, the where should I put this bits lay about in anticipation of a new comfortable draw where they will be forgotten.   The red felt was used to die cut flowers in a demo for my friend Deanie on the advantage of this piece of equipment for those of us who after a few hours cutting have aching hands and fingers.  nest to it is a catalog, useful when gluing, to isolate glue from any where not to be glued.   

This is the card I made for Deanie that I forgot to take with me.  Those creatures were sheep.  I knew she would have a fit of hysterical laughter at my attempt to draw.  This is what happens when you move from your template of sheep that is filed away in a secret compartment. 

The inside.  At this stage a disaster was in full swing.

So for the rest of this month i will follow 12 tags of Christmas or something like that over at a site I forget just where it is.  It is over at  Ellen Hotson web, but hard to find as it is somewhere on her site.  This is another effort to try to learn a few techniques and get them right.  Ah tomorrow a new day!